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Your Morning Dump… Where Jeff Green may be closing games

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“It’s not as difficult as you think, it comes down to the right two,” said Rivers. “Jeff Green, and another guard or another big. It might be the right one [because] Jeff Green, for the most part, might be on the floor as well. It comes down to that fifth guy, and is it going to be another big to go big? Another guard to go small? There’s a lot of options.”

ESPN Boston

This line up talk is going to sustain us for a while, it seems.  And I guess Jeff Green is making an impression on the Celtics already because Doc is already penciling him in to finish games.

Of course, that’s just now, and there’s still a lot of preseason left to play before getting to the real games.  There’s still a lot of time for the Hollingers of the world to work their voodoo dolls.

And there’s also the fact that Doc has said a lot of things in Octobers past that just don’t pan out.  I don’t think Doc is going to reveal his entire game plan now.


It’s at least nice to hear that Green is progressing to a point where this is even a discussion.  If we were coming into this season wondering what Green was going to give the Celtics after heart surgery and a year off, this is yet another encouraging sign that he’s doing quite alright, and more evidence that he’s better than “not very good at all.”

As for the lineups, we know Rondo, KG, and Pierce are pretty much definites to close out games.  The other two could be a combination of any number of players.   Doc can play it based on situations.  You can go super small and put Terry and Lee out there if you need to attempt a miracle comeback.  You could put Bass and Green out there and go big but still versatile.  Bradley would probably be on the floor if there’s a single-digit lead and you needed stops.  There are a lot of legitimate options to end games.

Of course, there is a down side to those options.  It’s always possible guys could get caught up in the lack of regularity in their roles.  It’s possible Doc can over-think situations.  He’s a great coach, but he’s not infallible.

But I’d rather have too many options than not enough.  And if Green really is earning floor time at the end of games already, then I’m liking the options the Celtics have.

Quick injury updates from the same link:  Avery Bradley is still ahead of schedule.  Chris Wilcox is suffering back spasms.   They’ll take it easy with both of them.

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  • Mark

    I think Doc also said last preseason that JO was the team MVP so I’ll take his comments with a grain of salt for now.

    • mrchumpy

      Heh, true. Hopefully Doc’s praise isn’t the kiss of death here as well.

  • DatDudeDarko

    Remember the last time you guys attempted to write a lengthy article of any substance? I think it was the cba one that everyone on twitter was laughing about because it was 75% wrong , yeah stick to copy and pasting qoutes and links because you guys suck at writing.

    • Jim

      This is a basketball blog/forum mate, if you want “fine” writing buy “The New Yorker”.

  • TomthaCeltic

    And you are a wanker mate ^