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Your Morning Dump… Where the vibe in Boston is totally different

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“The vibe here is totally different,” said Lee, who will start at least until Avery Bradley returns in December. “It’s one of the best 1-through-15 teams I’ve been on where everybody is being cool with each other and on the same page. The coaching staff is committed to winning a championship.

“That’s not a knock on any other team,” he said. “I’m sure the goal was the same everywhere else. But here you can feel it and see it, instead of just hearing about it. There’s the constant reminders, the constant videos in the locker room playing last year’s playoffs. The conversations you have with everyone from management all the way down to the ball boys and the equipment guys. Everyone is committed to winning a championship.

“Everybody does a good job of coming together. We have a lot of guys on this team with similar personalities and interests, all with one common goal: a championship. That makes it easy to give in and forget about being an individual and becoming a team.”

Herald:  Newcomer Lee likes “vibe” of Green

I’d like to take a moment to dedicate this Morning Dump to the idiot free agents who continue to dismiss Boston as a destination out of hand.  Because a big market with the championship history and a current culture of winning and great chemistry is obviously just so horrible.

Courtney Lee is just the latest guy to come here and sing Boston’s praises.  In fact, when you consider (a) how many people talk so glowingly of Doc Rivers (b) how many people rave about the culture once they get to Boston and (c) all the exposure the Celtics get on the big stage, it just blows my mind that players don’t want to come here.

But I suppose I should be thanking them for that.  I love this team right now.  I love the way it’s put together and I love its possibilities.  And I just don’t think that would have worked out the same way if Danny Ainge had pulled off a sign-and-trade for OJ Mayo.

So thanks, OJ, and others.  I’ll take Courtney Lee and the rest of this group because these guys understand and appreciate the moment.

Before we hit the links, check out Rajon Rondo in the latest issue of Boston Common.

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  • Hebe

    It’s really refreshing to have a group that’s all about “we” instead of “me”. Maybe the Chris Pauls and Dwight Howards don’t wanna be here, but their egoism and attitude landed them on teams with fellow egomaniacs and downright terrible coaches. Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers have restored a selfless mindset to this organization that I believe Red Auerbach would have loved if he were still with us. All of the new guys seem to be picking it up fast, which should make for great TEAM Basketball

  • OlSkool

    A large group of NBA players are only interested in the LA,NY or Miami markets. Unfortunate reality of certain guys who are more interested in marketing their “brands” and hanging around celebrity groupies.

  • TJ

    Doc on this morning:
    “we may take a starter out of the starting lineup and play him in the second lineup because it may fit him better.”

    You heard it here first: Sully is starting.

    • the way Sully has been playing (i know its only been a couple games but still…) i am not surprised or should i say i won’t be surprised when he does start over Bass. Bass unlike #20 won’t mind coming off the bench.

    • MJ

      Or it could be Pierce for Green or Bradley for Lee.

      Just sayin.

      • TJ

        Do you really think Pierce is coming off the bench? No way. Could be about Lee/Bradley…but would Doc have mentioned that if that situation isn’t going to play itself out until a month or two into the season?

  • Cameron

    Josh Smith appreciates Boston…Im just saying >.>

    • Chulinho

      I’m not sure Boston would appreciate his isolation shot selection, though…I’m just sayin’.

  • stephanie

    I think one of the main reasons some of these “Big Names” don’t want to come to Boston, besides the weather, is the strong veteran presence on the team. People like KG will make you accountable regardless of your status in the league. Some want to come to a team and be THE MAN, and KG and others aren’t going to just let that happen without proving themselves. Some athletes can’t handle that pressure.

    • Chulinho

      The weather argument blows my mind. Last time I checked, NBA games and practices were held indoors.

      • Zeozaas

        Ummm did you forget that these guys happen to live outside of the stadium? A lot of players would rather live with LA weather as opposed to the weather in Boston.

        • Chulinho

          No I did not forget that. I just think that saying you won’t play somewhere because of the weather is trivial.

          During the season, they’re on the road over half the time. When they are in the city they’re typically practicing or preparing for a game. You can throw in those NBA/corporate sponsored community events as well.

          Generally, NBA players don’t even reside in their team’s city during the offseason because they go back to their hometowns. For instance, KG and Paul Pierce live in L.A. They also vacation and hold basketball clinics (albeit some of these are held in their organizations’ city.) And, superstars/popular players may tour other countries because of endorsement deals. Do Rondo and Red Bull ring a bell?

          So, no I didn’t forget about their preference. I just think bitching about bad weather when you’re in contact with it for a fraction of the year is ridiculous.

          Bad weather hasn’t kept the Celtics from winning 17 banners. We know about the Lakers. Chicago has six; Miami and New York have two. Where’s this correlation between championships and winning, and weather?

  • Kg

    Speaking of OJ! He’s been playing really bad in Dallas! Thank god we got Lee instead of Mayo..