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Video: “Jason Terry is a Celtic” Episode 2

A new video from NOCtv featuring Jet turning the tables on Boston fans. Watch as he surprises CelticNation by asking them for their autographs. This is episode 2 in NOCtv’s “Jason Terry is a Celtic” series. You can peep Episode 1 over at NOCtv’s YouTube channel.

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  • nyceltic

    Jet looking to fill the void left by Shaq on the streets of Boston.

  • vivek NJ

    this is real fun.


    JET has already done more for the peeps in Boston than Judas did in 5 years. Yeah he won a title, but he threw it all away and crapped all over his Celtic legacy. Nice work JT. I just gave you my autograph…

  • Loskyfan

    Why can’t I view this, here or at NOC? Did someone take it down. Also, can anybody tell me how to subscribe to just audio at I want to listen to Celtics in the car, not watch them.