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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc reveals the “Jared Sullinger protection plan”

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

As a player with limited lift, some have predicted that Sullinger will have trouble scoring and rebounding against longer defenders.

So coach Doc Rivers is attempting to institute a protection plan. He wants to make sure that Sullinger is never the biggest Celtic on the floor. That way he won’t automatically draw an opposing center in the paint.

Otherwise, he could follow in the footsteps of Glen Davis in one particularly hazardous way, as the Celtic most likely to get his shot blocked.

“We try to protect him so that won’t happen,” said Rivers. “The reason we played him with Kevin (Garnett) in the second quarter is because the bigger guy was always guarding Kevin. We got the matchup that way.

“Sometimes you have to create the matchup. Some teams don’t have two bigs like that, they only have one. So when you’re playing with Darko (Milicic) or you’re playing with Kevin, you really don’t have that problem. The good thing is that for a long stretch he was guarding a 5. Early on I thought they were taking advantage of it, but as the game went on I thought he got better at it.”

Herald – Doc not trying to paint Sullinger into box

When I watch Jared Sullinger, I am reminded of Glen Davis. It’s more about the physical resemblance, than matching styles. It’s obvious that Sullinger is more talented offensively than Davis.

Doc’s protection plan probably has a lot to do with instilling confidence in the rookie. Sully’s mid-range touch gives him the ability to pull bigger bodies away from the basket, but, at this point, they want to keep the game plan simple.

I never faulted Big Baby for the repeated shot blocks. Hell, it meant he was fighting among the trees, a much better scene than firing jumpers on the perimeter.

The Celtics play against Emporio Armani at 12pm EST. The game’s on CSNNE and NBA TV.

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  • Jeremy Etom

    Glad I’m not the only one who thinks his physique resembles Baby. He’ll need to work on his footwork though, Baby has much quicker feet than him.

    • kg215

      Baby did/does but Sullinger is bigger, stronger, and has better reach. Also Sullinger is in pretty good shape and should improve, Big Baby we all know how that went.

  • I feel Sullinger is way better than baby and his ceiling is way higher

  • MVP

    Sully over baby. I would enjoy watching sully being in the starting line up he already out playing bass

  • Jester00

    Baby was never thought of as a lotto pick sully was
    Sully can dunk at will
    Sully has post moves
    Sully has a real mid range game
    He will go down as one of the greatest draft steals in history

    Just saying

    • kg215

      Yup having Sullinger come off the bench could be a huge boost, should make a lot of teams regret passing. I am extremely happy Orlando took Nicholson, after they helped us once (BBD for Bass trade) they indirectly helped us again by passing on Sullinger. Darko seems to be decent now too, using his huge size to get some boards/blocks. Our depth is off the charts this year.