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Your Morning Dump… Where Jared Sullinger is never in a hurry

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“That’s a great example, when you go into games, from our standpoint, we want to look at different guys, and we got a great look at him,” head coach Doc Rivers said of Sullinger afterward. “He was terrific. The point I made before the game, it was his first time playing minutes with the starters, and I thought he was good with the starters and I thought he was good with the bench, so that’s a good sign. I thought he played with a great calm. For a rookie, he’s never in a hurry, that was good.”

ESPN Boston: Sullinger makes strong preseason debut 

“That’s pretty good, but at the same time I can’t be satisfied,” he said. “In this league it’s either go hard or go home. You just look forward to the next game. Kevin told me you come in and play hard or you don’t play. So that’s what I’m doing, and I’m trying to feed off of Kevin. I’m always asking questions. You just have to know your role. You have to understand that you’re playing with some greats.”

Boston Herald: Sullinger makes strong impression

I feel like I should explain my hyperbolic tweet from yesterday that Chuck  highlighted in the recap.  If Jared Sullinger plays well enough to get 16 and 8, or close to it, on a nightly basis… and if you pair that with Jeff Green being aggressive and also pitching in mid-teens in scoring,  then the Celtics are going to be one very impressive team.  You know Rondo, Pierce and KG are going to get theirs.  But that kind of bench production would be astounding.   Though, it wasn’t all great for Sullinger.
Defensively, he needs a little work. Taller FBU players scored with relative ease over the top, an indication that he needs to do his work before the ball gets into the post. A few more sessions in KG’s Finishing School for Aspiring Big Men will no doubt help, but like most rookies, the finer points of NBA post defense are an issue.

Still, all-in-all, a very nice debut for Sullinger.  After an impressive summer league, it’s nice to see him continue to play well against a little better competition.  The tests will keep on coming, but Sullinger seems to have a good attitude about what it takes to be great.  These past few months make you feel good about the possibility of Sullinger being a long-term contributor to this team.

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  • TJ

    Anyone else think Sullinger could move into the starting lineup sometime this season, forcing Bass to come off the bench?

    • I think Bass will more than likely be traded before that happens, but I do see Sullinger starting very soon–not this season, but in a couple down the road once the dinosaurs Garnett and Pierce bid farewell to Beantown.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Celtics cannot afford to sit him….Sully will be averaging 25 MPG long before his rookie season is over!

    • Chris

      Absolutely a possibility. I’ve predicted it since his first summer league game. His strengths – post-play, REBOUNDING, passing – would be welcome in the starting line-up. This doesn’t necessarily make Bass a redundant piece who will be traded. There’d still be something to having KG start and Bass off the bench so there’s always a big with a reliable jumper on the court.

  • Brian
  • joseph

    Rondo, Bradley, Lee, Terry, Pierce, Green, Bass, Sullinger, Garnett are all capable of scoring double figure per game. Add a few points here and there from our backup centers and rookies, we will have a nasty offensive team.

  • TJ

    I know he has a ways to go defensively..but, from everything I’ve seen of this kid…he’s already more of an offensive and rebounding threat than Brandon Bass. I also think it’s interesting how they always talk about Sully be “undersized” at the 4 b/c he’s 6’9”. So what does that make Bass, who’s listed at 6’8” and looks like he may be an inch shorter than that. I also think Bass has a trade-friendly contract, and agree with Slap Dog Hoops. If Sully plays really well, I’d be in favor of trading Bass and a guard for another skilled power player.

  • geo

    I love Bass’s jumpshot, but i have a feeling once Darko gets the offense down, we will be seeing KG back at the 4 and Darko starting (until he fouls out by half) banging and blocking tons of shots on rotation. Lots of athletic big men on this team, almost reminds me of a more mature OKC, and that’s not such a bad thing

  • geo

    btw, i think bass is gonna surprise people with his rebounding this year, he looks like hes been putting alot of time in the weight room, and is a step quicker than he was last year, everybody chill on sullinger, does he remind anyone else of big baby, especially his doughy frame?

    • Abwon

      Geo is right. Bass may not be the post player Sullinger is but he’s way better on the defensive end, a way better athlete that also runs the floor, and the chemistry him and rondo have is undeniable. His mid range jumper is basically automatic. Sullinger was scoring, but couldn’t stop his man from scoring due to slow feet and being overweight. Sullinger will be better off the bench where he has to deal with scrubs like Zaza Pachulia and Kurt Thomas

  • Jim

    A lot of fans seem to me to have very high hopes for the coming season, but don’t be surprised if the Celtic’s get off to a slow start but finish strong.There are a lot of new faces, and you could include Jeff Green in their number. It will take time to learn new systems and to get used to playing together, so we need to get right behind them if they don’t hit the ground running. What I would like to see, and it won’t happen, is for the Celtics to catch a break on the injuries front for once.