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Red's Army

One of my favorite YouTube accounts has done it again. CelticsPatriotsMan has made a nice video to get you ready for the upcoming season. It’s called “Boston Celtics Let the Games Begin 2013“. Enjoy:

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  • Josh

    LOVED the video. Cannot wait to watch this years Celts in action. Team is gonna be special

  • Wayne

    Well how would you know what “queery” looks like. That’s a bit suspect maybe you a fan of Bosh and his “queery” ways. LOL troll’d

    • dwade

      if Bosh is queer then how about boston last season, Bosh burned you in game 7. especially KG.

  • screaming jay


  • screaming jay

    Sit up straight! Eat your brocoli…and then its off to bed for you ya little puke!

  • Nick

    Wow, what a video?!! Goosebumps the whole way through it!!

  • rehnyele G

    I loved it and im waiting on the season to begin .

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