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Recap: Green, Sullinger shine in drab loss to Fenerbahce


Led by Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger, the Celtics revamped second unit scored 44 points in today’s 97-91 exhibition loss to Fenerbahce Ulker.

Let’s get the negatives out of the way. The Celtics played horrific pick-and-roll defense (especially in the 1st quarter) and committed 25 turnovers. Chalk it up to rust, jet lag, bad hotel food, whatever.

Starting in place of Avery Bradley, Courtney Lee scored 7 points in 27 ineffective minutes. He committed 5 fouls in the first half. Lee did not start the second half.

Green (16 points, 4 rebounds, 7-10 FG) and Sullinger (16 points, 8 reb, 7-11 FG) looked very comfortable.

Green’s offense was quite diverse; feeds from Rondo, put-back slams, drives to the hoop and jumpers. Sullinger looked very crafty around the rim.

I’ll leave the hyperbole to John: 

If that’s what the C’s get from Green & Sullinger all year long, I’m parking a chair on the corner of Tremont & Boylston for a parade now

The Celtics other big bench asset – Jason Terry – had 12 points (3-3 3 FG) in 20 minutes.

A noticeably thicker Rajon Rondo had 13 points and 9 assists.

Darko had 6 rebounds in 16 minutes. Other than looking gigantic, he didn’t contribute much.

Box score | Highlights

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  • GreenCro

    KG no show, maybe to let young guns play
    RR and PP just flexin JG showing his back, baby! 🙂 man on a mission (ups, sorry, it’s Rivers Jr.)
    Sully is one cool cat, 100000 moves, hehe
    Bass solid
    Darko good, liked rebs & full court passes
    Jet&Lee so so, nothing special
    Finally, my man Bojan Bogdanović showed some skills, Danny – steal him from BKN
    No W (1:04 remaining), but a lot of important info about the team’s capabilities

  • Cwin

    I thought Terry did fantastic in the limited time he played today.

  • mrcuret

    I really liked what I saw from Green, JT & Sullinger, also I was impressed by Darko, he didn’t look bad out there. Lee was in foul trouble early but he’ll be better next time. I think that once this team comes together and get used to each other they’re going to be very hard to beat.

  • Wels Catfish

    Darko at least had some nice outlet passes, shot contests, and traps. He was unready to finish at the rim, but hopefully that will improve. Some of that was just being ready for Rondo’s passes, which almost everyone struggles with when they join the team. He will definitely be the biggest body we’ve had for screen setting since Shaq and Perkins, and that can only help our offense.

    Lee missed some shots he can definitely make. I thought he did a nice job fighting over screens. There were some foul calls against him — one when he was sealing a guy off to receive an entry pass, another when he was boxing out a big on the defensive end — that were absurd, but show how hard he is willing to work and how physically he can play.

    The pnr D looked bad. I don’t know the subtleties of the game well enough to say who was at fault — it’s easy to blame the bigs but it may well just have been a matter of communication. Certainly it seemed to get better for a time after halftime while KG was in.

    Not worried about KG, Paul, or Rondo. I didn’t feel like the vets were out of shape, as Tommy said — I just think they weren’t giving it 100% the whole game.

    Pleased with Sully. Green played great with the C squad, I just want to see him play that well with the starters and backups. Terry shot great, but he didn’t handle the ball as much as I assumed he would. Really, there wasn’t much time for him to play out there without Rondo.

  • screaming jay

    what color represents the emotion of “happy?” Whatever it is, color me that color.

    First game for the Celts, playing against a team that is vying for the best in the European League. Who cares if they won? Jeff Green stepped up, and so did Sully and Jet. And damn…Darko can pass the ball too, that big galute.

    I’m feelin good about this season.

  • dwade

    a lost to an unknown basketball team, hahaha. Boston is fkd! I think the Charlotte Bobcats is better than Boston.

    • screaming jay

      quick…how many players on your team’s starting five? And no using your fingers!

    • Chris H

      Could be worse…your knees lost to Father Time.

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  • terlo

    hey, how about this Bo guy ha? nobody even drafted him in 2008, went europe. kicked serious ass tonite.

    (offtopic) btw, when did this Marquis Daniels thing happen? felt bad when i saw his twitter photo.


  • Chris

    The loss means very little. Rondo and Jet showed that even on autopilot, they are pretty damn good. Pierce and Garnett seemed to have been just out there for a bit of a jog, making sure they didn’t get injured. Sully may find himself heavily involved in the rotation sooner than expected, and if he’s going to put up those sorts of numbers, I’m fine with Darko going for 2-6.

    The best part was that when Green got comfortable, he just got a look that nobody was going to stop him. On those off nights when Pierce can’t get to the rim and the jump shot just wont go, Doc wont have a problem throwing a few extra minutes at this Jeff Green.

  • Matt W

    I honestly really liked what I saw from Melo. Not good, but so much heart. If he can get control of that huge body of his, he could be pretty serious.

  • Chulinho

    The C’s pick and roll coverage was terrible. It’s just a preseason game, but I don’t want keep yelling, “Stop showing so fucking hard!” at my TV the whole season.

    People are saying the Celtics’ rebounding was terrible but they were +5 in total and defensive rebounds, and even in offensive rebounds.

  • dwade

    with a loaded East, I think Boston will be lucky to win 20 games.

    • BosCelticsFan1

      Who are you kiddin’? You’re just jealous.

    • Matt W

      I’d be happy to be you a grand that they win more than 55, but then you’d have to actually admit you’re a real person, and if you somehow won, you’d have to dispel the location of the bridge you live under so I could send the check.

  • Joshua


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  • JimmyG

    Didn’t see the game unfortunately, but just to point out, Chelsea FC won the Champions League last year and currently have the lead in the Premiership, but lost to the MLS All Stars. In other words, who gives a shit? Can someone explain the comment, Rondo is noticeably thicker? Is he jacked or is he turning into Eddie Curry?

    • Alex

      He’s looking incredibly jacked.