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GreenLight Madness: The Finals – Seed #2 vs Seed #5

One thing is certain for this year’s tournament: you, the Celtics fans LOVE great plays at the expense of the Miami Heat.  The 2012 final matchup features two huge plays against the rival Heat.  The first was my personal favorite play, Paul Pierce’s cold-blooded three to seal Game 5 down in Miami.  His opponent?  A monster ownage block by the young Avery Bradley against Dwyane Wade.  Fitting that both plays occurred at the expense of DWade and LeBron, with Pierce’s bomb right in LeBron’s face.  Tough matchup to choose from, but I know where my vote is going.

#2 Seed: Paul Pierce’s Cold-Blooded Three: The Celtics dropped the first two games in Miami during the Eastern Conference Finals, the first was a relatively routine type of loss while the second was a killer.  Down 0-2, they rallied to take both games at home setting up a pivotal Game 5 in Miami.  The game was close throughout and clinging to a mere one-point lead as the clocked ticked under one-minute left in the game, Paul Pierce did what he has done so many times in his career: defined hero ball by taking a risky three-pointer with LeBron James right on him, with the game and likely season in the balance.  Pierce drills it, silencing the Miami crowd and igniting dreams of third trip to the NBA Finals as well as eliminating LeBron again in the playoffs.  Alas, it didn’t happen as LeBron’s epic Game 6 performance at the Garden, and fourth quarter take over in Game 7 dashed those dreams.  But for one moment, this moment, Paul Pierce sent Celtics fans into a frenzy and made us all believe that they were heading back to The Finals.  Hero ball, meaning shots like these, are routinely criticized, but you have to admit: they’re exciting as hell when they go in.

Seed #5 – Avery Bradley owns Dwyane Wade: Riding a 6-out-of-7 game winning streak, including four straight, the Celtics had a long-awaited matchup with Miami on April Fool’s Day.  Avery Bradley had recently been thrust into the starting lineup due to Ray Allen’s ankle injury, then Mikeal Pietrus’ concussion.  But there was no fooling by AB on this day.  Just ask DWade who got completely owned on this rejection.  Sure, Shane Battier makes the quick heads up play by drilling the three, but it’s Bradley’s block that got Wade’s (and everyone else’s) attention.

The Truth’s Cold Blooded Three or AB Owns DWade?

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  • 17rings

    Don’t vote for pierce just because Jay told you to.. Let ppl decide for themselves Jay

    • Jay

      Haha I assure you, I have little influence on what everyone votes on. Also, there is a poll there for everyone to click.

      Related: I don’t have digital Jedi mind tricks.

  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    I voted for Avery Bradley!!!

  • Claud

    It’s a tough choice…both excellent plays. But if I think back to last year, Pierce’s three made me a lot happier than Bradley’s block. I went nuts when that shot went in. I ran around my apartment yelling obscenities at Lebron. I stayed up until 3 am watching interviews and reading press releases. I remember coming into work the next day exhausted but having an undescribable feeling of confidence and satisfaction. Thought we had the series. But they lost game 7 on my birthday. So devastating…

    • Chris

      Agreed. Bradley’s block was big, but I literally leapt off the couch when Pierce drained that shot in Bron’s face

  • Ryan

    Still get chills watching that shot go in..