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The Celtics took to the court in Istanbul again yesterday, and commenced to throw-around the ol’ pigskin. They also broke out some fresh kicks. Here we get another good look at Rajon’s new Hyperfuse 2012 p.e. in green and yellow. Enjoy the pics which are all via Sina:



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  • evilyn

    so goddamn sexy

  • Glory

    Oh hot damn. *whistles* Perfect way to start my Friday!!

  • joseph

    shoes/colorway? Those are sexy.

    • KWAPT

      Hyperfuse 2012 green/yellow

  • I’m so sick of you ladies treating us like pieces of meat. WE’RE PEOPLE!! WITH BRAINS… AND FEELINGS!!!

    • HICeltic

      Pieces of muscle 🙂

    • Glory

      Mmmm, meat. 😛

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  • Chulinho

    KG photos are hilarious.

  • Drew

    Paul looks to be in great shape from what little I’ve seen in the past week. Always shows up to training camp in tip top. Is it just me, or does his face and neck seem to be a little more chiseled than normal?