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Doc Rivers wasted no time in getting the Celtics back out on the court. A few hours after a grueling 11-hour flight from Boston to Istanbul, they were back to business. Despite the lack of rest, KG and Darko were all smiles. Enjoy some photos of their practice session via Sina.

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  • Pingback: Celtics touch down at Istanbul, practice ensues. «  Celtics Down Under()

  • Zack

    You know what…I am so psyched for this season!! I really think this is a special group and if we can stay healthy, everyone that is, I think we will do big things and knock My Hammy in there ass. I do think (Miami) they will be over confident and like a pistons team from years ago that was heavy favorites I think they will get soft just in time to blow it come post season. I hope I am right and I may get ate up in the comments but after a terrabile baseball season I am ready for the C’s to kick some ass!!

  • Chris H

    The more I think about it, I think Darko is actually going to be a major contributor. Playing and being encouraged by KG and helping him tap into his competitive spirit, I think Darko might be on the revenge tour.

    It’s obvious the “#2” thing eats away at him. KG is going to get crazy with him and help him channel it. Seeing the videos of him training, Darko still has the skills and is young enough. If the C’s as a group can integrate and help him channel his anger, you might see some amazing things out of him.

    Look what he got out of the Steamer. Darko should be worth twice that output.

  • Grix

    I wouldn’t to far ahead of yourself. Still need Avery healthy. Milisic should be a big help to the bigs