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Heat secretly concerned about Dwyane Wade’s knees

Courtesy: Miami Herald

Despite having LeBron James and Chris Bosh around to pick up some of his burden, Dwyane Wade isn’t feeling so hot and some officials in the Miami organization are concerned about his long-term prognosis.

From the Miami Herald: 

The knee has taken longer to heal than Dwyane Wade, the Miami Heat or anyone else would have expected.

Four to six weeks was the projected recovery time. Training camp began Saturday, marking 11 1/2 weeks of Wade’s rehabilitation from arthroscopic surgery on his left knee. He will miss preseason games, perhaps all of them.

The Heat will not admit it publicly, but there are concerns among those in the organization about the second half of Wade’s Hall of Fame career. Reckless abandon on the court made him famous and made him rich and made him loved in his adopted city of Miami, but now it’s making him and the Heat refocus their expectations. Wade is only 30 years old, but it’s an old 30.

Wade is noticeably heavier this preseason than the last, so dropping weight, strengthening his legs and core and allowing his knee to heal fully from surgery are the first priorities. Next will come a more intense level of conditioning and monitored minutes of scrimmage time.

Ouch. That’s gotta sting the soul. If Wade is anything like Ray Allen, he’ll read this and sulk for weeks.

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  • DJisintheHall

    fat and happy is how I read it

    • kg215

      If he gets any more “fat and happy” it will help other teams a lot as his play will drop from being a top 5 player.

  • Mvp781

    Wade wack I’m guessing ray might be starting season opener against the Cs

  • Brian

    Well they got Ray Allen to back him up. He has healthy knees… oh wait 😉

  • Richard

    If his recovery is taking this long, than his knees are worse than they thought. That’s probably why they courted that (dog traitor) ray allen so hard. The heat will find out allen is just about washed up. so now the Heat are really a two man threat Lebron and Bosh,who is out of position at center, (he’s a pussy, who does not want to play center) all of this is good news for the Celtics and the rest of the nba east !!!!!!

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  • Drew

    Well, the Texas Rangers are rewriting Red Sox history of epic collapses and post season/WS failure. My past 5 years in sports include……
    1. Being in jail for the cletics 2008 championship.
    2. Dallas Cowboys being over hyped every year.
    3. Celtics losing to the Magic in game 7 of the 09 ECS while in jail.
    4. Celtics losing to the lakers in the finals while at a bar in SF with all Lakers fans.
    5. Celtics losing in devastating fashion to heat in 2012 ECF.
    6. Rangers losing back to back WS. The first one I was in San Francisco and had to watch the city celebrate at my expense. The second of which made the 86 series the second worst WS collapse ever.
    7. Being a Cowboys fan and despising The Giants, I was rooting for The Patriots in both superbowls. Epic let down.

    If The Celtics don’t win a championship this year, I might just give up on sports. It’s not healthy to feel like that 3 times a year. It’s the worst feeling in the world.

    • Curt

      So your life would be easier if the Celtics would just stop making it to the playoffs?

  • Chris

    This on the back of hearing that Ray’s ankles are still giving him problems?