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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc & Rondo convinced Courtney Lee to take less money

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“The day that Houston [withdrew its offer], I honestly was walking down the street in Winter Park, I saw [Lee] across the street, and I commandeered him,” Rivers said. “The next thing you know, we’re having dinner and — it took about a week — but he was a Celtic.”

[…] Speaking with [Rajon] Rondo during the whole free-agency period, he had the same goals that I had in mind. We wanted to win big, get to the championship, and win. And not only for one year, but continue to do it. We’re about the same age, me, him, Jeff [Green], and a couple other guys on this team are around the same age, so we’ve got the core group here of veterans, and we’ve still got the young guys who’ll keep pushing for years to come.”

[…] “Everybody said the right things,” Lee said. “There were other teams out there that were offering me more money, but like I said, my goal is to win. There’s nothing better than winning.”

ESPN Boston:  Lee and the C’s:  Timing and luck

I supposed the one thing we should all be doing is thanking Dwight Howard for all of this.  If he wasn’t being such a big crybaby in Orlando, Houston wouldn’t have been making all these moves in an attempt to trade for him.  One of the moves was rescinding was an obvious move to retain restricted free agent Courtney Lee.  Once he was free to pursue other offers, it was up to Danny Ainge and the Celtics to do the rest.

And let me just say… I know Daryl Morey is very well-respected, but this offseason he just had has to test that.  He was going after “the Boston plan” of acquiring assets and space to make a move… and I’m not sure that big move is going to be there for him.  Maybe we’ll be showering him with praise a year from now.

Anyway, the ripple effect from the Dwight mess sent Lee to Boston, thanks to a chance encounter with Doc Rivers and some hard lobbying by Rajon Rondo.  And as an added bonus, Lee gives Rondo the opportunity to reference Ray Allen without referring to him by name again.

“A lot of people don’t know that Courtney was second behind No. 20 last year as far as 3-point field goal percentage, so we look forward to him stretching the floor,” said Rondo”

Lee is a pretty good defender, too.  He’s not at Avery Bradley’s level… but he’s also not at #20’s level either.  Which means the Celtics can still get out there and run a little bit, but still have a guy who can spot up in the corner and hit a transition 3.

Lee adds a new dimension to this team, and it’s sounding like everyone is as excited to have him, as he is to be here.

Although you wouldn’t be able to tell from that picture.

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  • kg215

    Can’t wait to see him playing next to Rondo. All of a sudden we got an athletic 2 guard who is a defensive plus not minus. And he has some size too to match up with the bigger guards.