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Red's Army

This is fantastic. Paul Pierce just tweeted this great team pic as the C’s embark to Istanbul, Turkey to begin the 2012 NBA Preseason. Check out KG on the far right with those glasses. Man this is going to be a fun season…UBUNTU!

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  • Wayne

    Jason Terry must have took the picture don’t see him anywhere unless he’s hiding in the back. lol

  • Dutchgreen

    I am so psyched about the upcoming season! I feel like while Miami and the Lakers tried to copy the Celtics ’08 model, Danny Ainge had a new trick up his sleeve and the Cs are going to shock the league this season. Really, if (big if, I’m afraid) these guys all stay healthy we’ll be having a big MF-party in Boston next spring!!!!
    Let’s get this thing going!

  • cass

    Anyone else catch the KG reference on Parks and Rec this week? They’ve made Larry references in the past but this one was amazing:

  • Brian

    Where is darko? I emanate DARAGO? DRAGOOOOOO!!!

  • Brian

    Where is darko? I mean DARAGO? DRAGOOOOOO!!!

  • Chulinho

    KG, Rondo, and Paul all wearing aviators…

    Who is that on the left of Courtney Lee?

  • Great pic, Rondo has a “baggette”

  • Celtkicks

    This pic officially got me fired up for this team . I think the chemistry is going to be off the charts.