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Andrew Bynum’s knees are already an issue in Philly

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) October 1, 2012 Injuries 5 Comments on Andrew Bynum’s knees are already an issue in Philly

A lot of people are making Philly out to be more than they are.  They are a totally re-vamped team, returning five players from last year’s team that took the Celtics to the limit in the playoffs.  The key acquisition walking through this summer’s revolving door, of course, is Andrew Bynum.

He’s the reason some people are picking Philly to finish as high as second in the East.  But we all know that while Bynum is a pretty good basketball player, he just can’t be trusted.  There are two reasons for that:  his head and his knees.

We haven’t gotten a taste yet of whether his head will get him into any trouble, but his knees are already an issue:

New Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum will be withheld from basketball activities for 21 days to maximize the effect of therapy on his knees, the team said on Monday.

Bynum, who arrived in Philly in the blockbuster trade that landed Dwight Howard with the Lakers, underwent Orkothine therapy on both knees in Germany. A patient’s blood is spun to generate a platelet-rich mixture that is then injected into the injured area. Kobe Bryant is among the athletes to have had the procedure.

Bynum dislocated his left kneecap in 2007-08 and had arthroscopic surgery that May. He has surgery on his right knee after the 2009-10 season.

The Sixers said last week he was cleared to play in camp.

If Bynum can’t handle the burden, then all this “the Sixers are awesome” talk will look pretty ridiculous.

Scratch that, it already does look ridiculous, especially when you consider what the Celtics have done, and the competition that also exists in the Atlantic.  Not only do the Celtics, perennially one of the league’s top defensive teams, reside in the same division, but so do the much improved Nets and the Knicks, all of which will be playoff contenders to varying degrees.

I’ve been high on Bynum as a player, but I still don’t trust him to be my franchise player.  His attitude is poor, his health is spotty, and he has yet to figure out how to handle a double team… which, by the way, he’ll face a lot of this season.

I don’t trust Bynum to stay healthy for 82 games.  I don’t trust Bynum to stay quiet for 82 games.  And I don’t trust Bynum to produce consistently as the team’s #1 option for 82 games.

We’ll have to wait and see on my second and third points, but we’re already getting a glimpse of what Bynum’s health is going to be.  He’s already going to miss the entire preseason with his new team, which is kind of important when you’re the linchpin to the offense.

Meanwhile, the Celtics are already gushing about team chemistry as they fly off to Istanbul.  If Philly really wants to be the best in the division, they’re going to have to beat the best.  And they’re already off to the wrong kind of start if they hope to make that happen.

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  • Chulinho

    I just don’t see Philly as a huge threat. Outside of Jrue Holiday and Bynum, no one else on this current Sixers squad gave the Celtics fits individually last season. The two that arguably annoyed the C’s during the postseason the most, Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams, are gone. Iggy played well defensively against Paul Pierce, and Williams brought the Sixers back against the C’s in several of those playoff games.

    • Wels Catfish

      I agree with this mostly. Bynum does happen to be one of the players that gives us the most problems across the league…but the Sixers in general were difficult last year, and a lot of that had to do with Iguodala’s defensive proficiency and versatility. They were able to play medium-sized, quick lineups that switched, trapped and recovered without giving any space or passing lanes…but a lot of that was on Iggy. It remains to be seen, even with a healthy Bynum, how well their defense will be maintained, but they’re hoping Drew’s efficiency will give them a needed boost on offense. My question is, who is gonna make the plays? Bynum can’t get the ball by himself.

      • Chulinho

        Well, the real question like John said is: Can Bynum stay healthy? Its only training camp and he’s already sidelined. I don’t mind, but I know Sixers fans are probably pissed, or sad.

        I guess they will rely on Jrue Holiday and maybe a breakout year for Evan Turner besides Bynum.

  • Chris

    Bynum has given us trouble in the past, but I consider that as a beneficiary of his surroundings. Spencer Hawes and Jrue Holiday are not, nor will they ever be in the same league as Gasol/Bryant. Frankly, I think Iggy gave us comparable trouble playing with only a fast, shooting supporting cast. Similar to Joe Johnson with the Hawks, Iguodola could be 0-5 from 3-pt and then suddenly hit 3 straight and bring them back into it.

    We should be cautious of Philly, but we shouldn’t fear them.

  • grandad434

    The Philly Independencers just entered a HUGE level of uh oh as far as their playoff depth, IF they make it there.

    Bynum finally had that Kobe blood spinning procedure done on his knees, which is going to be a really big positive for him at some point BUT it was done so close to training camp that he’s being sat out the next 21 days, so he’ll miss the offseason completely. Now he’s a big man, one of the only few centers out there, but he’s now on a team who’s coach and owner are actively stating that everything will be run through the Tracy Morgan look alike, everything.

    How’s that going to work out for a guy that has never played with this team before, let alone any of the players on it or the coach and is entering his 3rd coaching system in 3 years? Oh yeah and if he’s the play focal point for this team, one that just lost its 2 best defensive players in trades/amnesty and only strong scoring force off the bench, how are they going to run all these Tracy Morgan focused plays all training camp and preseason without him participating? Is Kwame Brown going to be the stand in? Hey, the blood spinning could turn this guy’s health history into a major afterthought like it did Kobe, but the fact is, this team is going to be pretty terrible this season. I am going to go ahead and say they won’t make the playoffs and surely won’t see Bynum playing close to 82 games. They lost Iggy and Thaddeus Young (their promising draft pick) for a giant question mark savior with a bad attitude. This time next year I fully understand Philly could be the team to beat in the East, but right now, all this ‘watch out’ talk is stupid that I’m hearing.