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Ray Allen is still damaged goods

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) September 30, 2012 Injuries 14 Comments on Ray Allen is still damaged goods

Ray Allen said ankle issue likely will be ongoing throughout the season, something he will have to manage.

He said he never wanted to let on publicly how serious it was last season in Boston.

Ira Winderman (via PBT)

Well, well, well…

“ongoing throughout the season,” huh?

That doesn’t sound very good for the Miami Heat, does it?

Makes you kind of glad Ray didn’t accept Boston’s 2-year, $12 million offer, doesn’t it?

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  • Double P

    Jason Terry > ray
    Courtney Lee > ray
    Avery > ray

  • stella

    you’re my new favorite writer.


    again, nº20 leaving was the best thing for boston, he will struggle with that ankle all year long, Terry alone is 10 times better, not to even mention the new secret weapon Lee, and many of the bench minutes would have been taken by him… now we have bench mobb

  • Brian

    He is a great shooter when healthy, not so much when he isn’t. Lewis will help the heat 2, but he will want to start and when they tell him no, that should be fun. How many mins will Allen get with Dwade on the floor? Are they going to have Wade play the point? I see what the C’s did with no bench, and I think the C’s will run right past them. We scored 2 points off the bench in game 7, 2 points…

  • Chris

    Loved watching him play from his days as a Buck. Outstanding shooter and brilliant in the clutch…in his day. His day is over. It’s sad that he’d rather fade away in front of our eyes.

  • zippittyay

    any word on when the first televised preseason game is? I have to invest in satellite tv again.

    • Frankie

      October 5. Boston plays Istanbul.
      2:00 EST on NBATV.

      • JR99

        And then repeated multiple times that day and at least the next day too.

  • RedsLoveChild

    It all worked out for the best…but, Ainge was a fool to offer Ray that kind of money for 2 years.

    • Chris

      I think that offer showed the fans he’d made an attempt to keeping him, while also being very confident that Ray was moving on.

      • RedsLoveChild

        I agree…I believe Ainge did it primarily for “PR” purposes.

        Personally, I would NOT have re-signed Ray after his contract expired in 2010…when he was already 35, and killed our title shot by shooting a horrible 3-for-14 in Game 7 vs. LA.

      • exactly

  • KJ to Hondo

    Usually #20 waits until April to get his lingering chronic ankle injury. It was an official holiday in Massachusetts, like Bunker Hill Day and Patriots Day.

  • JR99

    A Ray Allen Theory That Makes Him Look Good:

    It was all part of the Cs’ plan. Ray, Doc and Danny knew his playing days were effectively over, so Ray went to Danny and said: “I’m gonna suck. Is there any way for me to still help the team?” From which they concocted a plot to let the Heat “steal” RA away, only to watch him implode right from the start, thus ruining their team concept and spirit.

    And Ray, to his credit, was willing to take the PR hit, and all the loathing he knew come his way, etc., etc…. all for the good of the team.

    If you like this theory: please call 800-555-SUCKERS immediately. I’ve got a bridge I can sell you, cheap.