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Pierce: Celtics will be “scary good”

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) September 29, 2012 Celtics News 7 Comments on Pierce: Celtics will be “scary good”

So the first practice is out of the way and what we should be doing now is practicing restraint, knowing this is just day one of  more than 200.  We should be considering thing that happen now to be neither too great nor (short of injury) too devastating.

That ‘s what we should be doing.

What we are doing, however, is giddily overreacting to things.

Tee hee hee…

Oh wait… there’s more?

“Rondo looked great today,” said Pierce. “He’s pushing the ball. He looks strong. He’s knocking down his shot. He’s TAKING his shot. But that’s what we want from him, and that’s what we’re going to expect from him.

“You know, he’s our leader. We’re going to look for him to do a lot of good things for us.”

Ok, ok, ok…

I’m relaxing.  This all nice, but this is just day one.  Still, the Celtics are already benefiting from their early season chemistry building workouts by jumping right into things and executing right away.  Without the need for introductions and the “I like to go here” or “I prefer to catch the ball in this spot” nuances needing to be worked out, the team could get to work on the technical aspects of their offense and defense.

The other great thing… everyone’s healthy and in shape right now.  That stands in stark contrast to last season, where the sudden end to the lockout caught Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce by surprise, forcing them to use the first months of the regular season as a sort of extended pre-season.

All the words from day 1 are encouraging.  Go check out ESPN Boston for a quick video from the practice in which Courtney Lee blocks a Jason Terry shot attempt off an inbounds play.

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  • Brian

    Love it. Just a matter of time before we can turn on sports radio or CSNNE/NESN or what have you and be able to hear bout the C’s and not have to listen about the sox/pats 24/7 It’s to bad NBATV already did the assoication on the C’s I’d love to see the behind the scenes stuff this year.

  • forever_green

    I can’t wait to hang banner 18.

  • Sam

    Just one little correction — “everyone” is not healthy right now. Bradley isn’t coming back until December or maybe January, supposedly. But otherwise yeah, the team is good health-wise.

  • Drew

    Ray Allen is a jerk off.

  • dwade

    I can’t wait for DA to “screw the pooch” mid-season, just like the Perkin’s trade. That will only mean banner 3 for the Heat.

    • Sheets

      Dwade moans

    • Larry Legend

      Haha…banner #3…that sounds so ridiculous on this site. But seriously d-wad-collector get back on those meds brah…