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Your Morning Dump… Where Keyon Dooling has been to hell and back

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“I actually had such a meltdown that I had to get professional help and I ended up in the hospital,” said Dooling.

“It just all came to a head. To be honest with you, I blocked a lot of things out of my life. I’m a man who’s been abused, sexually, emotionally, mentally. I’ve been abused in my life, and there’s so many guys around the NBA who have been abused and I know it because I’ve been their therapist. I didn’t even have the courage because I blocked it out so much that I couldn’t even share that . . .

“It took literally a meltdown for everybody to see how serious I was about not playing ball anymore.”

But he was absolutely serious.

“For so long I’ve always denied myself and what I feel for others, in particular my family of origin and my wife and my children and my friends who I really trust,” he said.

“It just got to the point where it was like, they don’t know how much pain I’m in. They don’t know how lonely the road can be. They don’t know the stuff that comes along with being an NBA player. They don’t know how many people call my phone begging for money every day. They don’t know how many people call me asking for advice. They don’t know how many people rely on me to be happy when they’re down. They don’t understand the grind that mentally I have to go through to be this man I am every day.

“I just gave out too much and I wasn’t getting enough back . . . [With] the exception of the Celtics organization, nobody ever truly appreciated me until this year.”

CSNNE:  Long-ago abuse, and years of repressing the memories, take toll on Dooling

I don’t often declare pieces “must read” material, but I can’t recommend this piece enough.  It is a powerful account of the demons that have haunted Keyon Dooling and ultimate led him to the decision to retire.

It also opens the door to more.

“there’s so many guys around the NBA who have been abused and I know it because I’ve been their therapist”

That blows my mind.  And I’m betting that for so many guys, there’s a macho “I gotta be a man” front that they put up.

And the whole thing about the grind of being in the NBA is going to be a revelation for a lot of fans.  People don’t understand that this isn’t just showing up, playing ball, and going home.  This is a full-time job.

The piece goes on with a gushing praise of Rajon Rondo

“Not only do I think he’s the second-best player in the NBA behind Kevin Durant, but I think he is an amazing leader. I think he doesn’t get a fair shake in the media and I wish they knew my friend the way I did.”

And of Kevin Garnett

“He’s a true intellect and he knows everything. We just get along so well and I’m so honest with him and I give him a different perspective. He gave me the last little lesson that I needed about toughness and being firm and how to empower people. Kevin Garnett is a genius. He is literally a genius. He knows everything.”

There’s just so much in that piece.  In the end… I’m happy for Keyon for finally telling his story of abuse.  It’s a very serious matter that intensely changes the victim forever.  Talking about it is a huge part of recovery.  And Keyon will still be part of the team, which is going to be great.

Again, go read Jessica Camerato’s piece.  It’s amazing work.

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  • Sam

    Great article from Jessica Camerato. I sincerely wish a lot of good stuff to Keyon and his family. He was a great locker room presence but also a good contributor during the playoffs, and I think he’ll always have a nice reception when he comes back to the Garden to watch the C’s play. I’d love to see him working with the organization in the front office or whatever.

  • Very moving piece by Jessica, makes me wish Dooling hadn’t retired even more. Just a solid man, he’ll be missed on the court and off. It’s nice that Boston is the place he finally felt appreciated in.

  • KY Celts fan

    That’s some pretty heavy stuff. I hope Keyon gets the help that he needs and is able to help others in turn.

  • Ace-one

    Eye-opening piece. Rondo loves Keyon, and from this article you can understand why.