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Garnett: “I don’t have Ray Allen’s number anymore”

Hey… remember when “that guy” left town for a team we all f’ing hate?  Remember how pissed you were?  Now imagine KG’s reaction.  Need help?  Here’s what he said about it today.

Safe to say KG wasn’t thrilled with Ray’s decision.  Remember, the Ray Allen trade is the one the preceded the Garnett trade, and it was the move that signaled to KG the Celtics were serious about going from doormat to instant contender.

The best part about this is the intensity with which KG pursues everything.  You are either with him, or against him.  And right now, Ray is against him… and that’s that.  KG has new teammates now.  And if you want to go chase your ring somewhere else… that’s fine.  But now you’re an obstacle, Ray Allen… and KG doesn’t like obstacles.

On a related note… I’m so happy to see these guys back.

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  • James


  • screaming jay

    ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!…….’cept being friends with Ray….

  • jonnyvelvet

    KG at the end of the day its just a game !! Friendship last for ever ! what are teaching the young ones ? Ray has help you as you help him

    • JR99

      Every human endeavor can be described as “just a game.” Obviously, it’s a LOT more than “just a game” to KG… it’s his life. It’s his family’s life. It’s what he lives and breathes. Who are we to say to him “it’s just a game”? It’s not… not to KG, not to Doc, or any of the other guys, and not to me either.

      Ray Allen spat in KG’s face, and in all our faces, and said “I’d rather play for next-to-nothing in Miami than play with or for you guys.” After that, no one should be surprised to learn that he’s persona non grata around here. I’m with KG 100% on this one.

      • Drew

        This x a billion. On a side note, how are the fans that some how muster up the courage to wear a Ray Allen Celtic jersey in the garden going to be treated? You can’t root for the celtics with a Ray jersey on, can you?

    • dwade

      not just a game! most fans gamble so not a game

    • Inge

      Jonny, you mention friendship and I think KG would agree with you. What is Ray teaching the “young ones?” Loyalty? To switch to the dark side after bonding and a ring is exactly what Ray has perfected his whole life as a journeyman. He doesn’t understand the concept of ubuntu. KG speaks the truth while Ray plays nice for the media. If you were going into battle, who would you rather have next to you ? For me, it would unequivocally be KG.

  • Boston Fan

    I agree its just a GAME, I understand getting pump up, but REALLY im sure they had a lot of good times together and with each others families, just over jr99 ! There are to many other things to worry about ! its all hipe !!

    • Drew

      It really sucks to hear fans say stuff like this.

      • Kiorrik

        Oh well, can’t take it too seriously with spelling/grammar errors like “its just a game”, “hipe”, “what are teaching the young ones” “Ray has help you”.

        And that’s not even all of them =/

    • OOOMMM

      pathetic. what are you doing on a Celts blog in the off season if you don`t care?

  • jonnyvelvet

    JR99, Maybe just Maybe ! To RAY it had notthing to do with Boston, Maybe he felt it was time to move on, Maybe other goals who knows ? Really whats the big deal ? How does it affect you and WHY does it affect you !! Dude everybody has a right to do what they want !!

    • Drew

      Are you retarded?

      • andy

        it really sucks to hear fans say things like this.

  • CUZ Boston Fan

    RAY ALLEN played a BIG part into what boston has done the last few years, He was BIG in milwaukee and woke up the next day and was traded ?? EVERYTHING HAPPENDS FOR A REASON !! Just think if RAY wasnt traded, odds are BOSTON wouldnt have KG and DOC wouldnt still be the coach ! THINK ABOUT IT !!! RESPECT OTHERS !! Rondo and KG should just handle there buzz on the court,

    • Drew isn’t working that well for you, buddy.

  • David

    Love KG. He is all loyalty and no bullshit.

  • stephanie

    It may be just a game, but we don’t know what KG and Ray talked about. Nor do we know what all went on behind the scenes..If fans could be upset like it was the end of the world, how do you think a player that spent 5 yrs with him feels? Especially after getting beat by the team he signed with. If’s a hard pill to swallow, especially right now while it’s still fresh.

  • HICeltic

    Ray’s actions are what they are. He is who he is. As is KG. Friendships are broken by betrayal. What’s the opposite of betrayal? Loyalty; something KG personifies. “Everybody has a right to do what they want…” So does KG. Don’t bring those double standards and say that your treasured Ray had a right to do what he did, yet KG isn’t allowed to speak the truth and be who he is.

    • Inge


  • Wels Catfish

    I love KG, and I think he is still scarred by things that happened on the Wolves. It has never been “just” basketball to him — it’s about relationships, too. His best friend abandoned him and the team…then, his next best friend was killed. He takes loyalty very seriously…probably too seriously, after all it’s just basketball, but that’s who he is.

    • Inge

      KG isn’t scared, the ones that are scared are the ones like Marbury who now lives in China. Karma. Jealousy is a bitter pill if you can’t be happy for your best friend or brother. Basketball to you and I is just a game but it’s a way of life for these guys who live and breath it. KG is the all time highest paid player in the NBA at over $200 million. I’, guessing there are lots of people who take their careers seriously. Probably why he’s been in the NBA for 18 yrs and the avg. NBA career is 4.

  • Labrite34

    Seems to me Ray changed his number and didn’t leave it with KG.

    • OOOMMM

      my gut says that he deleted it from his phone. . .

  • RA_PapaIrish

    KG is everything I ever wish for went rooting for professional athletes. Love EVERYTHING about the guy

  • Larry Legend

    Ray doesn’t play for this team. Stop talking about him. I love KG. I love the Celts. Best franchise in sports. That’s it. Have a nice day

  • Wayne

    You love Ray Allen when he plays for your team. Once he leaves that love turns to hate because he’s on the other team. Of course, you can respect him for being as professional as he can be. Still, I’m a fan of the Boston Celtics first. Paul Pierce is a second, KG as third, and Rondo as fourth. Ray was never a favorite as much as the other three still he would be deadly against you. It’s like going to war and a friend becomes your enemy. At the end of the day they will have that respect for each other.

  • Ace-one

    Guys, read the full article:

    “I choose not to. I choose — that’s a choice I personally made. I told you all, I’m very close to Ray. I know his family. I wish nothing but the best for him and his family.”

    “When a guy makes a decision based on him and his family, you can’t ever get upset at that,” Garnett said. “My personal feeling, I won’t put into it. The only thing I’ll say is I wish Ray the best. That’s where it’s at.”

    Really interesting. He says “I’m very close to Ray.” Present tense. Seems like he’s not trying to disown Ray, but knows that he needs to keep personal distance from the rival team. Probably KG was hurt, but like he said, you can’t be upset at a guy for making his own decision for himself and fam.

    Also, I think he has the right idea with the big picture. KG doesn’t want to talk about Ray anymore. Answer honestly once, then move on to focus on the guys who ARE in training camp.

  • Quest

    Life in the NBA is living in a Bubble. What is reality becomes distorted. You have guys entering when they are young with min life experiences and sports their means out from poverty. Perspectives become skewed with priveleged life.

    The grind of the NBA at how many millions of $$…yea right. Intellect … has many definitions and applications.
    Love these guys & feel for Keyon but …..

  • Tyler

    Ray Allen is an effin snake! He will never have his # put int he rafters.

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  • Reggie35RIP

    I wonder if KG would put Ray on his ass if Ray could retain control of the ball long enough to drive to the hoop.

    Should be interesting to see how the rest of the Cs react to Ray too. Wonder if it will be hugs and kisses or stoney faced hand shakes. I’ve got a feeling Rondo and Lee are going to be all over him when he’s on court.

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