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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc is excited about another trip overseas

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 Unlike the team’s chemistry-forming trip in 2007 — coming off a summer that brought Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to Boston — the Celtics will hold a few days of training camp stateside this year before trekking to Istanbul and Milan for a pair of games to kick off their exhibition slate.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Rivers said Tuesday at the team’s golf tournament at The International. “I really wanted to, actually, go the first day after Media Day [on Friday]. We just couldn’t do it for whatever reason. But I can’t wait to go.”

For Rivers, there’s some uneasiness about splitting up training camp while making the trek across the Atlantic, but he believes the trip will almost certainly be a good thing for his squad.

“I haven’t done it this way. The way we did it in [Rome and] London, we went right away, and we had camp over there. And I thought that was terrific,” said Rivers. “This way, where you kind of cut up your camp, I’m not a big fan of that. But I do think it will have something. It’ll be good for us. I just think when you’re traveling together like this overseas, it’s always pretty good.”

ESPN Boston – European Vacation Part II

I believe the Celtics depart Sunday for their week in Turkey and Italy [Pre-season schedule].

While this trip won’t be a team building exercise like 2007, the Celtics still need to work some key guys (Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, and Jared Sullinger) into the flow.

The trip shouldn’t be a hassle like Miami’s journey to China in mid October. The championship hangover is happening…

I love the end of that video where Clark Griswald says: “It’s amazing, I cannot get left…”

His exasperation reminds of Jameer Nelson during the game Avery Bradley hassled the hell out of him full-court.

One other minor note, Jason Collins is in the best shape of his career:

“I’ve worked hard,” Collins said. “I don’t know how often Doc is going to call my name and number, but I’ll be ready. That’s the job of a professional is to put yourself in the best possible shape to help your team win.”

Said Rivers: “Jason is in phenomenal shape.”

Good to hear. You never know who will be needed to play big minutes.

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  • Swissflix

    I will see them in Milano. Very excited, first time since 1995 (back in the day with radja&todd day) that i get to watch them. Can you believe KG has been around just as long? Go Celtics!

  • ItCelticsFan

    I will be in Milan too. The last time I saw the C’s was 2009-2010 season in Boston. Glad to see again KG, The Truth and Rondo. Hope Jason Terry puts on a show in order to introduce himself to the Celtic Nation.

  • felix

    Terry, Lee and Jeff Green! Too bad Bradley won’t be playing.

  • Cameron

    LMAO the Griswalds…classic

  • Emerald City Ballers

    Not sure if anyone saw the news; latest training camp invites today. Micah Downs – extreme long shot, realistically a .001% chance to make the squad. Interesting story behind this kid, he’s extremely gifted athletically & he can flat out fill it from 3. I watched the kid’s high school career and it was kinda sad to witness, he transferred around to different schools every year at the behest of his “beauty pageant” father – the guy literally caused this kid major embarrassment & ridicule which lasted into his college career from Kansas to Gonzaga. I think I remember reading an article a while back about Micah wanting some separation there or something to that nature. Sadly, I think the father stunted this kids growth as a player & a human being. I remember the father telling anyone who would listen that Micah was going pro out of high school. Messed with the kid’s head big time. Anyways, good to see him finally sniffing the NBA all these years later, reppin’ the 206! Hope he sticks somewhere. Athletically, he’s a poor man’s Gerald Green. Thank god that’s where the similarities end!

  • Emerald City Ballers

    Big Ben, Parliament!