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GreenLight Madness: Elite Eight Seed #5 vs Seed #29

Paul Pierce and Avery Bradley went head-to-head in the previous matchup and today they go right back at it.  This time, it’s The Truth reaching a huge milestone versus AB’s monster rejection on Dwyane Wade.  Will AB take down the captain this time?  You be the judges.

Seed #5 – Avery Bradley owns Dwyane Wade: Riding a 6-out-of-7 game winning streak, including four straight, the Celtics had a long-awaited matchup with Miami on April Fool’s Day.  Avery Bradley had recently been thrust into the starting lineup due to Ray Allen’s ankle injury, then Mikeal Pietrus’ concussion.  But there was no fooling by AB on this day.  Just ask DWade who got completely owned on this rejection.  Sure, Shane Battier makes the quick heads up play by drilling the three, but it’s Bradley’s block that got Wade’s (and everyone else’s) attention.

Seed #29 – Paul Pierce Surpasses Larry Bird on the Celtics’ All-Time Scoring List: Sometimes a three pointer is anything but routine.  In what was a random game between the Celtics and Charlotte Bobcats at the Garden, Pierce made it quite memorable.  I included a long montage dedicated to Pierce surpassing Larry Bird, but it’s the three that allowed him to do it.  Enjoy the clip and enjoy Pierce as long as he’s wearing green.

AB’s Ownage of DWade or The Truth Surpasses The Legend?

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