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Rondo: I’m a good leader, KG’s a bad quarterback

Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports sat down with Rondo for an excellent piece that essentially picks up where the “maturity” conversation left off in the Morning Dump.

The highlights:

“I’ve kind of taken that leadership and veteran role because I am a point guard and I have been in Doc’s system,” Rondo said. “Other than [Pierce], I have been here the longest. I know exactly what Doc wants, especially for me and this team. I’m trying to lead the team the best that I can.”

Leadership roles can be interesting.  Some players might let it get to their heads and become insufferable pricks that alienate their teammates.  Other embrace it and shed some of those dickish tendencies because they feel the responsibilities that come along with that role.

Rondo seems to be leaning a little to the latter.  Read the Spears piece and you’ll see how he talks about getting this team off to a good start since there are so many new guys.

“People act like because me and Ray didn’t get along or they think me and Ray didn’t get along that I’m a bad person or he’s a bad person,” Rondo said. “No. It’s just life. If you look at your job, everyone doesn’t always get along with every co-worker they work with. It’s just part of life. People are blowing the Ray thing out of proportion. We had some words, but other than that it was no big deal.

“There were so many rumors like I was looking Ray off. Why would I look Ray off? That doesn’t make sense. He’s the best shooter, so why would I look him off? People can see it how they want to. They can talk to Ray. But from my standpoint, he made his decision. I don’t know why he made the decision, but he made the decision. I don’t think it had anything to do with me.”

At least he mentioned him by name… and didn’t refer to him as “that guy”.

Now that you hear Ray also had a problem with Garnett, you start to wonder how overblown the Rondo stuff really is.

Hey, sometimes relationships run their course and you move on.  This is one of those times.

Oh, and about KG:

“My team won,” Rondo said. “We dominated. I had seven touchdowns and zero interceptions. I had a nice kickoff return back. We had fun. K.G. was the quarterback of the other team, but they had to sub him out because he wasn’t getting any touchdowns.”

I can almost see KG retiring from basketball and working his way into the NFL as a QB just because he’s crazy enough to let a comment like that drive him to it.

So it seems Rondo really is embracing things.  Here’s the Yahoo link again.  It’s worth the read.  We’ll have to wait and see what the final product of all this leadership is… but it’s hard not to be encouraged by how Rondo is acting right now.

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  • KY Celts fan

    Look him off? What does that mean? I’ve never heard that expression before. Is that something basketball players say? Or black people in general? Someone educate me on this.

    • it just means when Ray was open or looking for the ball… Rondo would look at him in a manner which told Ray he wasn’t getting it.

      • KY Celts fan

        I see. Is this a common expression that I just don’t know because I’m lazy and unathletic?

    • dwade

      “look him off” i think it’s a gay lingo. “look him off” in a gay kinda way

  • celticsblues

    It was interesting to read that Josh Smith was part of the football game. No theories or anything about us signing him up, but it’s a little out of the norm for one player to join up with a full rival team in pre-season.

    • KY Celts fan

      well, Rondo and Josh Smith have been BFF for years, going all the way back to being high school teammates.

    • R9R

      That stood out to me as well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Danny go after him if the opportunity arises. Honestly in a post-Garnett era, unless Sullinger blows past expectations, I see the PF spot being given to Smith or Love. Doc’s in love with Love.

    • Celtics4Life

      Josh Smith is one of Rondo’s best friend since high school. Also, players from different teams do train together during the off-season. Last summer Kevin Durant and LeBron worked out together last summer.

  • Brian

    Well it it sure would be nice to get Josh on the C’s. Anything is possible… ANYTING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!

    • Josh Smith has to be dissapointed that he’s not getting an extension this year.

      Go C’s!

  • Drew

    During the next Lakers Celtics match up, I think the guys should do the booty shorts and tiny jersey thing again. But everyone on both sides should do it for the whole game. That would be great.

    • Chulinho

      Can we also let KG clothesline MWP or Clown?

  • Brian Lynch

    And why is Josh Smith at a CELTICS team building outting?!

    • Chulinho

      It’s not really a secret that Rajon and Josh have been “BFFs for years” to quote KY. That’s probably why he’s there.

      But, it’s also no secret that this is a contract season for Smith and that he wouldn’t mind playing in Boston. Too bad Danny would have to work a miracle to get him next summer.

      • J Smoooove

        Ya, kinda like the miracle DA worked to land Courtney for Triple J! Most underrated trade of the offseason.

        • Chulinho

          Yes, but in terms of talent there’s a noticeable difference between Courtney Lee and Josh Smith. It would have to be closer to, but not as big as the KG/Ray trade.

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      they were high school roommates at Oak Hill Academy, a Virginia boarding school that recruits top basketball players.

  • aaron

    look him off means if ray was open he wouldnt pass him the rock.