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Rajon Rondo’s 2008 NBA Finals Reebok Unheralded PE’s

Celtkicks September 26, 2012 CeltKicks, Rajon Rondo 4 Comments

I recently copped this pair of rare Reeboks from a secret source. This is a player exclusive pair of Reebok Unheralded custom made for Rajon Rondo to wear in the 2008 NBA Finals. These shoes are an amazing piece of history as Rajon wore this model during the Celtics championship run. These shoes were never made available to the public and feature Rondo’s Rolls Royce inspired logo on the rear of each shoe. To the best of my knowledge I am the only civilian to own this colorway of the shoe. At the time Rondo wore this shoe, he was “unheralded” and still had much to prove. His play in the 2008 playoffs launched him into NBA superstardom. Rondo has since left Reebok for Nike, however these shoes are forever etched in the Celtics history books.

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    Sweet pick-up Scott! Now you just need a pair of his Reebok Questions..

  • Chulinho

    All I can say is, don’t wear those around any sneakerhead Celtic fans. I would fear for your safety.

  • Drew

    White people that wear shoes like this should be handed citations.

    • Celtkicks

      What does “White people that wear shoes like this should be handed citations” mean exactly. White people can’t wear basketball shoes?