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Your Morning Dump… Where Rick Adelman wanted Darko out of Minnesota

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

But most of the Wolves-related headlines concerned Kahn’s persistent attempts to upgrade the talent on the roster. Behind the scenes, as promised, Adelman was providing input and helping with the decisions.

“Most of the moves David is making are heavily influenced by what Rick has asked of us. But when it comes to finances, David will tell Rick no,” Taylor reveals. “At the end of the year, Rick gives me a report of what he thinks of each player. He tells me it’s the same one he gave David and that David knows he is giving it to me. Then he goes through the list. He says, ‘This is the first one I want gone’—that was [underachieving veteran center] Darko [Milicic]. ‘This is the second one I want gone. This is what I think of this player.’

Twin Cities Business

Rick Adelman’s distaste for Darko is no secret. Here’s what the Wolves coach had to say about Milicic in March:

“He hasn’t done anything to really give you a lot of faith that he’s going to go out and do the job,” Adelman said of Milicic. “He’s gotten himself out of shape. He hasn’t been as driven as you’d like so when a situation like this happens, it’s time for someone to have their opportunity and get back in there.

Darko might not make it out of training camp.

If he does make the team, there’s virtually no chance he’ll be a cancer in the Boston locker room. See Garnett, Kevin.

(h/t CBS Sports)

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  • cam

    Apparently everyone thinks that Blatche would have destroyed the lockeroom and pee on KG’s head. Even Sheed tried to destroy the lockerroom and failed

  • Matts

    He’s just another body added to the roster to bulk up size to the Celts front-line. I would hope Celts fans are more intelligent not expect anything from Darko. If Darko is the cancer some claim he is, then I’m sure Danny and Doc will send Darko packing faster than we think.

    Boston isn’t Sota, Darko’s never been in a winning enviornment. Most NBA fans know Sota is a dysfunctional org, just ask KG. Maybe he needs to be around veteran players. Let guys like Garnett, Pierce, Rondo, Terry or Collins get in his head.

    • Completely agree. Personally I do not think that Darko has ever had a fair shot. In Minnesota he was coming off an injury from the previous season where he had possibly his best season as a pro. It was unfair for Adelman to pigeonhole like that. I assure you that darko will have heads turning and many people choking on humble pie.

    • KY Celts fan

      “Darko’s never been in a winning enviornment.”

      Darko does have a championship ring. He’s was part of some really good Detroit teams. He didn’t learn a thing from either Wallace.

      • Kricky

        well.. maybe he did learn a thing or two from Sheed, unfortunately.

        • Matts

          Not disrespect, but Sheed is not the best for a young player to learn from. I think Celts fans still cringe hearing his name. There’s a reason why teams like Miami, Boston and LA passed on Sheed last season.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Darko is basically the “white Kwame Brown”….unskilled big man, went super high in the draft, total flop from the get-go.

  • Drew

    I remember him standing on the sideline in the 04 Finals with that god awful blonde hair(eminem was big back then) and some sorta white tape over his ear lobes because he gave himself a home pierce job that got infected. You can’t convince me that he wasn’t a laughing stock in that locker room. I’ve disliked him ever since just for that. What a goof ball.

  • michael

    Fact is, we need all the depth we can get at the 5. Often you just need bodies to throw in there and eat up fouls/abuse. Darko’s championship “experience” in Detroit was way too early in his career to count. Everything since then has been a rebuilding or downright unsuccessful environment. I’m feeling pretty good about our depth all around, and this is a low risk signing. I’m not about to say it is potentially “high reward”, but it is worth a shot. The only one that stands to lose here is Milicic, not the C’s. If he performs even fairly well, both parties win.

    • thebantam

      Right on. We ALWAYS need bodies up front. Remember a few years ago when we had ‘so much front court depth’, with the O’Neals, KG, etc.? Especially with KG at the 5 I agree, eat up minutes and fouls if need be.

      I am expecting pretty much zero upside. I frankly expect Melo has a better chance to be this year’s Steamer.. I will be psyched if Darko surprises me but I don’t think we have much to lose.

      I know there aren’t many big 5s in our division, (swap out DH but Bynum is in Philly now), but I am still anxious for the day the Cs put that problem to bed.

  • toad

    I lived in Memphis for 18months because of work and had to watch the godawful team pay 1on5 and I remember watching Darko play and be excellent against Yao Ming and Shaq and the big centers of the west. Not as good against the fake-faster 5’s but excellent against the heavyweights….
    If he can come in and give 8-10mins a game of what he could do then, I dont see how this could be a bad thing.
    he’s a big, heavy dude whose developed a nasty streak.

    As for the Detroit thing, I have friends who swear that his selection was stunning to most people in europe simply because while he was on a pro team before being drafted, he was 3rd center and not getting much playing time (basically the sme thing he was doing on the Pistons). Its not like was a Ricky Rubio and starring in a league. He was a project in his own country whose main talent was height and potential.

    When you think of Rick Adelman, you are thinking a style of play that demands a smooth fielding 5, a Vlade, Miller type… thats not Darko.

    We need a batterring ram to give KG a break and to tenderize the opposing team for a dozen mins a night.
    We dont need him to be great at the pick and roll.

    First time I hear that he’s a cancer.

  • kach

    I am very positive about him. Can’t wait to see him play with the green on.

  • TouchdownSeaHawks!Da,Da,Da,Da…..

    It’s a shame we couldn’t pony up the $$$ to sign K-Mart. Yes, I understand the tax implications, but he’s the ideal fit for this squad! Could you imagine K-Mart backing KG’s mouth? He still boards, plays solid D and brings a level of grit that I think C’s fans would fall in love with. Essentially the opposite end of the spectrum as “matchstick”. Not sure how much he’s holding out for, or if he’s possibly, somehow still on DA’s radar, but each day that goes by watching him unsigned, can’t help but question why he’s not on our squad!

  • Tyler

    The guy is a prior top 3 lottery pick. He has the talent, he just needs a coach & team to believe in him and give him 25-30 minutes of playing time during the season so he can develop. He is going to be a beast this year. 15 & 10 guy for sure. The Return of Darko!

    • Chief

      15 and 10…and he’s going to be a beast this year……. Tyler lay off the bath salts.
      If he’s so “talented” why did minny amnestied him?( by the way minnys fans were delirious with joy when it happened)
      And I hope to god he doesn’t get anywhere near 25 min a game otherwise we are in serious trouble.
      Would rather melo get those few minutes available than some scrub whose game has no more growth

      • NorthernGreen

        If he can get 15 and ten in twenty-five, the C’s will be very high on Darko!

  • MJB

    If Danny wanted a crazy dude …Why not go to blatch?