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Jason Terry is taking the rivalries with the Heat and Lakers very seriously

When free-agents sign with a new team, it’s typical (and sometimes forced) for them to throw a few daggers at their new rivals. It’s a nice way for them to show the fans… they care.

Well, Jason Terry has taken this tradition to new level:

“My mission is to kill; whether it’s the Heat, whether it’s the Lakers. Hopefully both. That’s my mission, and that’s what I’m here to do,” Terry said on Tuesday shortly before teeing off at the Fifth Annual USI Shamrock Classic which was hosted by the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation.

Alrighty, then.

This should come without surprise. Here’s what a Mavs blogger had to say about JET upon his departure:

He’s a walking, talking — always, always talking — hype machine, equipped to rally fans, jeer opponents and whip an arena of both friends and enemies into a frenzy. Terry simply has no regard for the NBA’s fourth wall. He treats every game as a completely interactive experience, and in that approach, he’s carved out a special place for himself as player turned provocateur.

Just JET being JET.

Prior to teeing off, Doc Rivers spoke on a bunch of different topics – including the KG effect and Darko Milicic:

I think [the “KG effect”] can either make you great or crush you. It’s going to be one of the two. It’s not really an in-between with Kevin, and in a good way. I like how he goes about his work, obviously, and how he approaches the game. I think if you’re willing to learn, you can only get better playing with Kevin.”

The KG effect couldn’t salvage Patrick O’Bryant. And it sorta worked with Glen Davis.

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  • Gil305

    I love it!

  • I don’t really buy into the “KG effect” thing. I just don’t think talent rubs off that way. He can certainly help a guys work ethic, if the player is willing to put in the work. He’s certainly a great example to the other players, but it’s not like there’s a trail of all-star’s falling of his coat-tails. I’d say the guy he shaped the most is Perk, and it’s not like Perk can hit a mid-range jumper, but he does play with intensity.

    Getting close, GO C’s!

    • Larry Legend

      Goddamn well said Lee. Love KG but the whole “wait til KG gets with him” is so overblown. KG makes people accountable which is great. But he cannot make a bum all the sudden be a stud. What you hope is that Darko buys into his role and plays his ass off. If he does that Boston fans will respect him even if he doesn’t produce much.

    • shak

      I think you’re missing the point of the “KG effect”… he isn’t going to make someone an All-Star, technically, it’s that he helps people find a way to tap into what they already have and use it more often (by his example and by the “coaching” he does) , the talent or drive they never used before he showed them how to maximize what they already have (that’s more to do with hustle and mentality). He just brings out the best in them! Sure there are guys that just don’t want to learn from him (where are they now), but he has surely helped many others (look at how much better they are WITH KG than without him… Perkins, Erden, and more)! So don’t think of it as him making them into something they aren’t (like if they never had the talents to be All-Stars in the first place), but see it as he brings out the best already in them (untapped talent)!

    • Andrew B

      Well hold on guys, I don’t think anyone is implying that KG can make a player have more talent or access more of their own talent. I think that most of us believe and buy into the idea that KG will simply not allow you to do anything but embrace the concept of the team completely, something Darko has seemed to have trouble with.

  • TouchdownSeaHawks!

    JET signing is the most underrated signing of the offseason, as Doc has eluded to….a major deficiency this team had last year (especially with Bradley injured) was dribble penetration / shot creation. JET fills that hole + brings so much immeasurable value to the locker room. Way under appreciated in Dallas. Cuban can get so wrapped up with how smart he thinks he is, that he allows guys like JET, Barrea, Tyson Chandler, Dashawn Stevenson, Nash in his prime….to leave. It’s why I love the C’s so much, they understand the inherent value of role players, team chemistry, smarts above raw athleticism and JET is another wise vet who’s been there done that and wants to do it again more than anything! Plus, he’s reppin’ the all-mighty, hoop metropolis of the 206! 206 has put out more (per capita) hoop stars than any other city. Don’t believe me? You got two of them on the squad now (Avery’s 253, but I’m lumping him in). Check out the SI article 2/22/2010 – Band Of Brothers.

  • TouchdownSeaHawks!Da,Da,Da,Da…..

    Amazing how under the radar the added combo of JET & Courtney are with this team. I really like the LA’s and even MIA winning the free agent headlines over the summer. When Avery returns, this squad will go legit 10 deep. Speaking of which, I’m too cheap to “pay to play” with ESPN, anybody read David Thorpe’s new article? Sneaky Good?

    • Cwin

      What he said, I want to read that article as well!

      • Chuck – Red’s Army

        We’ll write up a post about it…

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  • 206FoeLife!

    Long shot training camp invite today…..thought I’d chime in here with a heads up this is yet another 206 connection, Micah Downs. Super athletic 2 / 3 who can stroke. He’s not gonna catch on with the C’s but I hope he finds an NBA home soon.