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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc’s refreshed and excited

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

I’m here to tell you that he is refreshed, he is excited, and he is ready to go. I’m also here to tell you that you are not reading the words of an unbiased observer. I really don’t see how anyone can spend any period of time around this man and not come away a fan.

[…] Replacing the great Ray Allen with Jason Terry and Courtney Lee has him very fired up.

“The great thing about Jason is that he wants to come off the bench,” Rivers explains. “He loves that instant offense role.”

He is equally enthused about Lee.

“He can really shoot it,” said Rivers, “and he may be second only to Ray as a pure corner shooter.”

And then there’s Jared Sullinger.

“I’m not kidding when I say we sat there on draft night and kept watching team after team pass on him,” said Rivers, “and we’re saying to ourselves, ‘What’s going on?’

“I swear, maybe Danny [Ainge] was the one putting out bad info about his back, or this and that. We really were thrilled to get him.”

The idea of being able to throw the ball into a widebody who actually knows his way around the low post is going to be a nice experience, the coach believes.

Globe: Doc Rivers refreshed ahead of milestone

A couple of years ago, Doc seemed ready to hang it up, take a break, and possibly be coaching someone else right now (It’s a good thing he didn’t, because the timing worked out pretty well for him to have gone back to Orlando).  Instead, Doc Rivers will pass Tommy Heinsohn this season as the second-longest tenured coach of the Boston Celtics.  Only Red Auerbach has coached for longer, and Doc would have to stay here for 7 more years to catch him.

We’ll see how things work out for Doc in the future.  As for this season, he’s going to have a few new toys to play with.   He’s clearly excited about the new signings, but I’m interested in his plans for using Jared Sullinger.

Doc’s leash with rookies is notoriously short, but he’ll be the first person to remind you that the leash was a lot longer pre-Big-3.  And Greg Stiemsma was a rookie last year who got plenty of time.  So it’s not impossible to break into Doc’s rotation as a rookie.   Sullinger has told everyone with a microphone that his focus will always be on rebounding.  And we know the Celtics have a… how can I put this nicely… deficiency in that department.

If he can slide in and be a strong rebounder off the bench, it will radically change what the Celtics second unit is able to do.  Sullinger and Wilcox can man the 4/5 spots off the bench and leave Jeff Green to play a majority of his time at the 3, which I think is his most natural position.  Then you throw in Lee and Terry, and suddenly you’ve got a team that goes 10 deep.

It’s amazing, but for a team whose window was supposed to shut years ago, they’ve re-booted into a younger, more dynamic squad and they’ve only sacrificed Ray Allen to do it… and he was the oldest of the bunch anyway.  I can see why Doc’s excited.  He should be.  This team might not have the flash of the Miami Heat or the big splash additions of the Lakers… but it’s a quality team that’s going to be in the mix.

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  • reuben

    Just curious, do you think the C’s have a good chance of winning it all? I love the additions and the fact KG’s back (with Wilcox and Jeff, sad to see Keyon go), but does this assembly have enough firepower to make it to the trophy in your opinion?

  • RedsLoveChild

    Sully is cash money! He`ll wind up averaging about 25 MPG as a rookie.

    He fell into Boston`s lap the same way Pierce did 14 years earlier, and he`ll play with the same chip-on-his-shoulder as PP does. He was a proven success in college, and that will carry over into the NBA.

    Wilcox was very underrated last year. He shot 60% from the field, and averaged more than one rebound every 4 minutes.

    Green will become even more tentative and passive after his life threatening surgery. Ainge will start seeking ways of trading him, at a discount, by early January.

    • Chulinho

      I agree with you about Sullinger. Maybe not 25 MPG, but definitely some contribution off the bench. Doc seems eager about using him, so that’s a good sign.

    • Wayne

      How would he be tentative and passive after the surgery? I feel basketball/life means more to him now then before the surgery. Jeff Green is still young at 25 entering his prime. After a life changing experience he should want to make the most out of his talents now. I feel this season with a full training camp and season he should find a role.

      Danny knows what he is doing with signing/trading for Terry, Lee, Bass, Green, and Wilcox. Each player has a key role for this team. Terry as the 6th man/leader of the second unit. Lee and Green can guard the other team’s best guards and forwards. Bass can spread the floor with his mid range shooting. Wilcox provides another veteran big body to rebound and play defense when KG sits. All together, Danny did a great job, we have the best bench this season. How many teams can rest all their starters and still have a chance to win?

      • RedsLoveChild

        I`m very impressed by what Ainge did this off-season…with the exception of vastly overpaying for Jeff Green.

        As a Celtic fan…I hope Green proves me way wrong.

        As a realist…I expect absolutely nothing out of him.

    • Eric

      @Redslovechild – You’re crazy if you think Jeff Green is gonna be tentative and passive after what he went through. You’re telling me if you love something, and you almost lose it, you’re not gonna cherish it after? That’s stupid. I love basketball. If I lost a leg, I’d find a fake one and still find a way to play and be effective. If I went through what Green went through, I’d wanna prove all the haters wrong and show everyone what I could do. and I wouldn’t take playing time lightly either. Point being, HE’S gonna do work. Watch. Go watch youtube vids of what he used to do in okc when he was comfortable. When he got here, he wasn’t comfortable. After being dropped by the team cuz of his heart surgery and being asked to stay with the team, he developed a bond with the organization. So I’m pretty sure he’s comfortable now.

  • If Sullinger has a rookie year similar to Leon Powe’s in 08, I’d be super happy.

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  • TouchdownSeaHawks!Da,Da,Da,Da…..

    You heard it here first…..real reason Scal turned down Thibs and came back to work TV / radio? He’s got a pre-arranged deal; spend a year watching the team, commentating, getting a feel for them again and get ready for next year because he’s next in line to join Doc’s staff. Think about, he’s the ideal fit! He knows all these guys like brothers, he’s the perfect conduit for Doc to reach the young guys (when needed, if needed) and he obviously knows the game on a level similar to Rondo, KG, PP…. Look what he had to work with and was able to parlay into a solid (role player) career. Guy’s got to have an uncanny knowledge and feel for the game to be out there (trusted as a starter by Doc many times) competing with and against world class athletes, lookin’ like a taller version of many of our beer drinking, wise-cracking uncles who plays rec ball at the Y and schools everyone on pump-fakes, step-throughs and crazy pivots! Oh yeah, if you go back and check where he played high school ball, you’ll find that famous 206 connection….technically 360, but he spent summers working out, honing that “reverse-pivot” in the city, under tutelage of the famous “hat-man”….Steve Gordon. Same guy you can use to connect all the 206 ballers.