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Ray Allen also had a beef with Kevin Garnett

I know we’ve beaten this story line to death, but Jackie MacMullan got Doc Rivers to open up a bit more about the tension with Ray Allen.

The ever accountable veteran chafed at fellow superstar Kevin Garnett’s unwillingness to take on some of the extra media and promotional requests that inevitably landed in Allen’s lap…

“When you have a lot of complaints, you probably need to go somewhere else,” Rivers said. “Sometimes guys just run their course at a place. It’s probably best for all of us and for Ray that he moves on.”

Terry arrives in Boston in the wake of a similar scenario. He too felt underappreciated by a team (the Dallas Mavericks) that he helped to win a championship.

“Jason is a motivated guy,” Rivers said. “He’s always been that. We needed another player who could score off the dribble, who could play in the pick-and-roll. Rondo could do it, Paul [Pierce] too, and we used Ray a little, but that was one of the things he was unhappy about. He wanted us to do it more, and I just didn’t think he was as good at it.”

Ray Allen is one passive-aggressive guy. If you don’t want to do the media/promotional stuff, don’t freakin’ do it.

Doc also gushed about Rondo’s leadership this summer:

“Rondo has been great, just terrific this summer,” Rivers said. “He reached out to all the players and got every single one of them to fly to L.A. and practice together. They put in about four or five hours a day. Paul and KG were already out there, but Rondo got Jason and Courtney Lee and all the other guys on board too.

“He called and asked me what I thought of the idea. I loved it, especially because it was him that organized it.”

Cue the 1,500 word blog post on Rondo’s maturity level by John.

The news about Avery Bradley isn’t good. If you thought AB’s rehab might be ahead of schedule, fuggedaboutit:

“Not even close,” Rivers told ESPNBoston.com. “I don’t like to put a time limit on injuries, but I don’t think you’ll see him before December — and there’s a chance it could be closer to January.”

The column is a must-read. Doc also speaks on Jared Sullinger and Darko Milicic.

Media Day is Friday. Yeah, baby.

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  • DJisintheHall

    don’t miss Ray even a little bit

  • KY Celts fan

    Man, the more we hear about the Ray situation, the more and more Ray seems like a huge punk. This is a man whose body was breaking down due to age, and everyone around him could tell, but he just couldn’t accept it. And he acted like a child about it.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Despite all the “Big 3” crap, Ray always knew he was far behind KG and PP on the Celtic food-chain.

    With the emergence of Rondo, he was no longer even #3. Coupled with his age, diminished skills, and trade rumors…he could no longer pretend he was happy.

  • Chulinho

    Will AB ever have a full training camp? I feel bad for him. He has great potential.

  • ddS

    Why can’t Doc move on. We have heard next to nothing from Ray. Doc is the one that won’t let it go. Doc and you guys need to move and stop talking about Ray because he is saying nothing about the Celtics

    • MissMD88

      This Ray stuff is going to keep coming up. Every media personnel is going to ask Doc, KG and Paul about Ray’s departure. I think they’ll be a little hesitant to ask Rondo b/c I’m sure his death stare will hunt their souls. I think the media needs to stop beating this story and allow the fans to move on. I’ve moved on already but they should write something else. Its gonna come up October 30th. Every reporter and commentator will bring it up before, during and after the game.

      • Kris

        Lol @ “death stare”… love that. Or he’d just refer to him as “that guy” again, with no real answer to the question.

    • KY Celts fan

      Doc doesn’t ask the questions, he just answers them.

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      I really don’t see it like that. I mean come on, I doubt Doc called up Jackie MacMullen and was like ‘hey, can we do an interview so I can rant about Ray Allen some more because I can’t get enough of doing that.’

      It’s the ‘big story’ of the Celtic’s off-season and it’s the press who is not going to let it go any time soon.

      It’d be nice if it would just fade away to nothing after about a month into the season, but it’ll come up whenever they play Miami and in the playoffs.

    • frankie

      Uh he’s answering questions about Ray he’s not volunteering his name big difference

    • Larry Legend

      Listen buddy the guy answered questions asked of him. Doc is very respectful of the media and is honest which I really appreciate. Unlike that buffoon in Foxboro…

  • Faye

    Ray was not good at the pick and roll??? Is that a joke Doc? Why don’t you just admit that since Perkins left, there’s nobody else other than KG who can set a decent pick; don’t balme Ray.
    I’m sick of all this garbage they’re putting out there to ease their minds and egos as to why Ray left. He left cuz they treated him like an afterthought, when he shoulda been treated like the future hall of famer and leader he is. If anyone should get the blame, it’s the Celtics organization period.
    And all of this BS about him beefing with Kevin over media stuff is totally irrelevant. They’re trying to desperately make Ray look petty and as if his biggest complaint was media stuff. Get outta here with that mess, I’m not buying whatever y’all are selling. Save it.

    • sev

      your confused as to the difference between running Ray off of screens and playing pick and roll, which many times requires both players to be capable of scoring off the dribble, shooting the J and/or make smart decisions by finding the open man. So ideally they should be at least a good passer or individual scorer. He also didn’t say Ray couldn’t do it, as one option from the pick and roll is to just take a jump shot, he simply said he wasn’t as good as the other players mentioned. You don’t really want a one dimensional player(Ray Allen at his age) running the pick and roll, as the point of the play is to keep the defense guessing and force them to commit one way or another, leaving the offensive player multiple options. Yes we all know one of the main plays was running ray off multiple screens for a jump shot which was very predictable, but often times didn’t matter as long as Ray got open. I think Doc knows what he’s talking about and I hope I clarified that for you.

    • Wayne

      You saw the title to this article and what it said you can either read it or not. Don’t come bashing the Celtics on a website for passing along a story. It’s the media not the team that is constantly talking about Ray leaving. He CHOSE to leave for less money and a chance to win a championship. It’s HIS fault for getting all this media attention not the Celtics. Go somewhere else with that whiny attitude of yours. If Ray Allen went anywhere(even the Lakers) it wouldn’t have been so dramatic. So don’t point the finger at the Celtics because Ray brought this on himself!!!

      • JR99

        …And you are kinder to “Faye” here than I would be.

    • Larry Legend

      Faye, have u ever seen ray dribble?!! He puts it on the deck mire than twice it’s a turnover guaranteed. He lost the ability to slash and create. Pick n roll no good if the guy can’t be a threat getting to the rim. Ray was as pure a shooter as you’ll ever see, and hit some big big shots for the celts, but that’s all he was for the green. Defense was bad and when his jumper wasn’t falling he killed us! Killed us! Game 3 of 2010 Finals comes to mind right off the top. It was time for ray to go. Appreciate what he did but it was time

  • Jim

    Look Ray helped give the Celtics a banner that most fans had given up hoping for.I’ll always be grateful for that,it wasn’t his fault that he came to Boston at the tail end of his career.I wish he’d come ten years ago,but time had caught up with him,injuries and fitness problems meant he was a shadow of the player we knew when he first came.The way his Celtics’ career fizzled out, rather than ending with a bang was unfortunate.You can’t take away from him that he played a part in making the Celtics relevant again.So for that,much thanks.


    Missing a layup on Derek Fisher in the 2010 Finals was unacceptable. Still, sad hes gone but he deserves all the venom he gets.

  • Boobaka Ow

    Sources say Ray also felt slighted by the attention that Lucky the Leprechaun got during timeouts.

  • samsf

    Eeverything is ray’s fought doc is going to blame him until the end of time. While ray said nothing negative about the Celtics. all this blame is coming from one side. doc stop fighting with yourself and move on. Next he’s gonna say ray wasn’t a good shooter and u guys Will agree because u hate ray and can’t understand why anyone would want to leave your great Celtics. He left Move On.

    • MJ

      First of all, Doc was not blaming Ray for anything. All he was doing was simply answering a question and just telling the situation as it was. What part of, “It was his time to leave if he felt so” did you take as “It’s all Ray’s fault!” In fact, Doc even partially blamed himself for what happened with Ray, so your point is ill-informed that Doc blames Ray for what’s happened.

      Second of all, this has nothing to do with you dipshit, so why come here?

    • Larry Legend

      Does samsf stand for stupid f—? Go away

  • Jason

    Wow! I’m not even a Celts fan or a Ray Allen fan but I feel bad for Ray. Granted he did arrive late in his career but that’s not his fault, all I saw him do was play his heart out and win games. Everyone is bad mouthing him because he wouldn’t do promotional stuff and pick & roll stuff? C’mon, he won for you guys! Thank him for some of the glory years he brought back, give him respect, and move on. He has.

  • Drew

    Standing by my statement that it’s impossible to watch game 6 of the 08 finals anymore. Ray ruined it for me. A die hard Celtics fan has to hate Ray for what he did. There’s absolutely no other way to look at it.

    • Jim

      No you don’t have to hate him,it’s your or anybody else’s choice.Think of it this way,would the C’s have won if he hadn’t come,would they still be a club with their best days behind them, or what they are now, thanks in part to Ray,a Celtics with everything to play for and not a sad irrelevance living off long past glories.I would like to be able to welcome Ray back to Boston in ten years,when he is long retired and all this bitterness has hopefully been forgotten.If the haters don’t let this go,Ray will probably never want to come back,maybe that is what they want.