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Your Morning Dump… Where Keyon Dooling slams door on Heat rumors

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

“No truth!” Dooling wrote in an email to FOX Sports Florida. “I will never play NBA ball again.”

After he was waived by the Celtics, Dooling’s agent, Kenge Stevenson, had issued a statement announcing his client would retire.

“Keyon has decided that he has given the NBA 12 good years and that it’s time to pursue other interests and spend more time with his family,” the statement read. “He will never forget his time with the Boston Celtics.”

Dooling, 32, confirmed his retirement in his email Saturday. In another email, Dooling wrote he didn’t want to elaborate on his plans after basketball, writing only it’s “family time.”

Fox Sports Florida

That’s the outright denial I’ve been looking for. Now we can close the book on the “weekend Keyon Dooling joined the Heat.”

Orlando Sentinel reporter Brian Schmidt might want to eliminate the source behind this story from his rolodex.

In other news, the Globe’s Gary Washburn sheds some light on the veteran/rookie workouts in Waltham:

The pickup games in Waltham have been competitive. Joseph, Christmas, and rookies JamarSmith and Jared Sullingerhave been tutored by Rondo, Jeff Green, and Jason Terry.

“All the vets, they’ve really been taking us in because we’ve been putting in the work and they see that, that doesn’t go unnoticed,” Joseph said. “If you come to an organization like this, that’s all they want to see is guys work hard because we have a reputation to uphold.”

Joseph is a natural small forward but may be asked to play multiple positions. Asked to describe his position, he said, “Wing. I just call it a wing, you know what I mean? I’m sure I’ll be more looked at as a [small forward] but we all have the same assignments.”

Washburn also reports that Marquis Daniels has signed a guaranteed one-year deal with the Milwaukee Bucks.


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  • zippittyay

    “Ya see this kids? This is how NOT to shoot a basketball”

  • Number33

    Seriously, is this guy shooting for real or is he joking around in that picture? If that is real I’m pretty sure retiring from basketball is the only move for this guy to make. Though the only person on planet earth who may shoot worse, and this includes the 14 year olds at your local YMCA, is our PG Rajon “Refuse to practice shooting” Rondo.

    • Alex

      Apparently you don’t watch enough Celtics games. Rondo has been shooting much better. It isn’t perfect or the MOST reliable, but his shots have been going in. But this probably will go passed your head because you sound like a dick IRL.

    • KY Celts fan

      yes, those times in the offseason spent with a shooting coach definitely indicates that he refuses to practice shooting.

  • Eric

    Lmfao. I JUST realized his form. How can you shoot with one hand on the bottom and the other on top of the basketball?

  • sev

    I never noticed how he placed the TOP hand, but during games it was obvious that he shot the ball from his shoulder/ear area, just like most middle school kids who are finally forced to change so they don’t get their shot blocked on a 3pt attempt.

  • sev

    stupid to say that Rondo doesn’t practice his shot….i’m sure he shoots just as many or pretty close to as many jump shots as any player in the game. Try getting a nice spin and feel for a child size soccer ball cuz that would be a fair comparison giving Rondo’s gigantic hands. You don’t dominate in the nba by not practicing and I would bet my life that Rondo has been shooting non stop for at least the last 4 years(as far as prioritizing an area of his game that needs improvement)

  • From reading these comments you’s think Dooling’s release was some well-kept secret.

    Glad to hear Keyon isn’t going all “Ray” on us. Go C’s!

    • Drew

      Seriously, did we not see this horrible form the first time he stepped on the court for us? I mean, it sounds like you guys never watched a game last year. And by the way, a lot of those Dooling shots went in. Personally, I got to the point where I was very comfortable with him shooting. He hit a lot of momentum building threes for us.

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  • omitasub

    rondo can shoot better than most of you guys that post on her, so quit whining, and just be fans, and watch and appreciate celtics basketball

  • omitasub

    rondo can shoot better than most of you guys that post on here, so quit whining, and just be fans, and watch and appreciate celtics basketball

  • paul

    I hope Dooling isn’t having a crisis in his family. If he is, best wishes go out to him.

  • DJisintheHall

    Whats your NBA career stats look like?