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Knicks taking a look at… Rasheed Wallace

That would be one helluva front line for 2001.

File under: the Knicks being the Knicks.

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  • Jayfox

    Lawl! Still kinda mad we wasted time and money on Sheed in ’10 but what can you do right.

  • Brian

    I still see him grabbing take out at the Kowloon all the time, Idunno if he is willing to give that up.

  • Quest

    So how many guys have returned to the NBA after “retiring “? Then there is also Jermaine Oneal.

  • Collinz

    God help the Knicks! What a dysfunctional organization, the Knicks. I get they’re win mode now, but why add so many old players. The Knicks are setting themselves up for long term problems. They have no young prospects on their roster which isn’t good for the future.

    There’s a difference between a veteran team and old team and they’re heading down the same road as the 2012 Mavericks. The Knicks are “old”.

    • Chulinho

      The only young guy they have is Shumpert.

      I still don’t understand why the Celtics and Spurs’ “cores” are “old”, but organizations such as the Lakers, who have four 30+ year olds in their starting lineup alone, and the Knicks, who are building a fantastic turn-of-the-century team this season, are not.

      • Jay B

        Double standard. The Knicks and Lakers are 2 of the oldest teams going into the 2013 season. The Knicks and Lakers are glorified organizations where the media lust over them

  • Classic Knicks! Dolan is worried about the Nets, so he brings back “Zeke”. Won’t be long till they lock up Baron Davis for 3 years…

  • RedsLoveChild

    Knicks have reached a new all-time “low”.

  • side show mel

    i love sheed.
    always had, always will.

    knicks suck

  • Drew

    If Perkins doesn’t get injured in game 6, we win the chip and we are all loving Rasheed. That’s just the way basketball go dammit.