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GreenLight Madness: Elite Eight Seed #1 vs Seed #9

We’re reached the remaining eight plays that you, the readers, have voted on in the 2012 GreenLight Madness tournament.  The first matchup of the group will be interesting as the top seeded play by Rajon Rondo goes head to head with Paul Pierce’s dominating Game 2 performance in Atlanta.  Previous results are also listed and as a reminder, the number reflects the percentage of votes each play received not the total amount of votes.

#1 Seed: Rondo’s Sick Spinning Pass vs Warriors: In the midst of a season-long west coast road trip, Rajon Rondo executed perhaps one of the most amazing plays of the entire NBA season, let alone the Celtics season.  As he gets into the lane, he spins and tosses a perfect around-the-back pass out to Ray Allen who drills a three-pointer.  Obviously Ray helps make this play by hitting the three which is an ironic microcosm of their reported in-the-locker-room turmoil.  Throughout their 5 years together here, Rondo and Ray have been involved in so many of these type of plays.  Their play on the court never suffered from their apparent head-butting off of it, and they often gave us so many memorable moments.  This one is a perfect way to symbolize that.

Seed #9: Pierce Takes Command of Game 2 at ATL and Kills the Hawks – The Celtics made a valiant comeback in Game 1 at Atlanta and had all the momentum in the end until Bass fought for a loose ball, trying to get a jump ball called.  When official Marc Davis called Bass for a foul, Rondo lost his mind and his composure, bumping into Davis.  He got ejected, the Celtics lost and then Rondo got suspended for Game 2.  Already playing without the injured Ray Allen, Pierce borrowed Dr. Brown’s DeLorean and drove it to Philips Arena.  Turning back the clock with a vintage performance, Captain Clutch took command of Game 2 as well as the series with a legendary performance.


Rondo’s Sick Spinning Assist or Captain Clutch Takes Command?

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  • This was a very tough call. But the fact remains that as far as an individual basketball play, almost nothing compares to that pass from Rondo. I mean, he threads the needle and puts some English on it. The type of pass that you practice alone against a wall with limited success. Amazing.

    • Chulinho

      His body control on that pass was nice too. He was still moving forward in the air after spinning around when he released the ball.