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GreenLight Madness Sweet Sixteen: Seed #8 vs Seed #9

Just like the penultimate matchup of the sweet sixteen, the final matchup features Paul Pierce versus Rajon Rondo.  It’s one of Rondo’s best assists of his career going against Pierce’s best playoff game of the year when he saved Rondo (via suspension) and carried the Celtics on his back, 2002 style.  This should be a close one.

Seed #8 – Rondo’s Magical Pass to Bass vs Utah: There are artists in many, many fields of work out there.  There are sculptors, painters, musicians, film makers and then there are athletes.  Some athletic skills are more artistic than others, and Rondo is the Da Vinci of the hardwood.  Watch him paint a picture of a beautiful assist.

Seed #9: Pierce Takes Command of Game 2 at ATL and Kills the Hawks – The Celtics made a valiant comeback in Game 1 at Atlanta and had all the momentum in the end until Bass fought for a loose ball, trying to get a jump ball called.  When official Marc Davis called Bass for a foul, Rondo lost his mind and his composure, bumping into Davis.  He got ejected, the Celtics lost and then Rondo got suspended for Game 2.  Already playing without the injured Ray Allen, Pierce borrowed Dr. Brown’s DeLorean and drove it to Philips Arena.  Turning back the clock with a vintage performance, Captain Clutch took command of Game 2 as well as the series with a legendary performance.

Rondo’s Magical Pass or Pierce Takes Command at ATL?


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  • This is almost unfair. 🙂 Gotta give my vote to Pierce. Such a great performance.

    • nyceltic


  • Boogie

    Paul going nuts during that game beats any single play in my book……well, except maybe 1. Rondo going to the floor to beat Jason Williams (Orlando) to a loose ball, crossover, layup, has to be the best play I’ve ever seen.