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First photo of Darko in C’s gear proves he’s really here

We’ve reported the rumor… and then the confirmation of the rumor.  I’ve written way too many words about it… but I guess I’d hoped somehow this was still some kind of joke.

But it’s not.

Red’s Army reader Chris Bongiovanni (@ChrisBongi on Twitter) passes this photo along of Darko Milicic in Celtics gear, at the team facility.

So Darko is here.  For realsies.

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  • aaron

    Its not real until I see a picture of KG screaming F bombs in his ear.

    • Larry Legend

      Haha!!! Great point! Love KG’s expletive laced rants on the court…guy is classic.

  • Chris57

    yup…took this picture this morning…watched him take a few shots…didnt look too bad. in decent shape as well.

  • adam

    is it too much to hope that the language barrier won’t be there and he can learn from KG?

  • JG

    Once again I don’t get what’s going on. Yes he’s a bad#1 overall pick to say the least but he’s absolutely a serviceable big man. He’s better than some other teams starting bigs so I’m not sure we should be calling him a joke. It’s not his fault that Dumars took a hugely idiotic gamble in that draft, is it? I’m positive he is better than Greg stiemsma, and I wasn’t a stiemsma hater either.

    • Jamiepaul

      I agree. Im ecstatic about darko. He didn’t make Joe draft him 2nd over Carmelo.

  • Agreed … This team played Steamer & Hollins last year! Darko is light years better than the 2 of them … He is not a lottery pick but neither was Perkins … 15 solid mins a game from him easy

  • MJ

    Agreed (However he was actually the #2 pick). I like this addition a lot. Darko is only on a one-year deal so he has something to prove for his next contract. It’s not like we made a commitment to him in the long term. This could be a great fit. Darko is a great shot blocker and he’s better on defensive rotations than Stiemsma. I’m not expecting all star numbers from Darko, but just to be a serviceable back-up big. All he needs to do is help keep the defense together on the interior. For someone with a skillset like him, I don’t think that’s going to be too hard.

    But hey that’s just me.

    • darko for those who followed his career early on, was carrying the serbian national team at 21 against argentina with guys like ginobili. he dominated the entire game from the outside,inside offense and defense. he has unlimited potential if for the first time in his career he’s given 30/35 min a night. i guarantee you he’ll become a double double machine.

      • MJ

        Well don’t get too excited. If Darko is as good as you’re making him out to be, he probably would have been picked up already for more money. The problem with darko is that he is an enigmatic talent. He is prone to getting lazy/giving up as I’ve heard from T-Wolves fans. I’ve seen Darko’s talent and he is actually quite a specimen. He’s a great overall defensive player(not just at shot blocking) and even spreads the floor because of his jumpshot.

        What’s killed the man throughout his career has been confidence. Always has been. Maybe this is the place where he finds his niche.

  • Mickel

    Beggers can’t be choosers. Celtics fans need to realize today’s NBA lack big men, talented big men. I’ve been on just about every Celts blog and I read comments, fans talk endlessly about adding another big, because the Celtics are small.

    Celtics added a big, Darko, not the most talented, but appearently he’s a good shot blocker and defender. Celtics seem loaded at the center depth with KG, Collins, Wlicox, Darko and Melo.

    • he actually is very talented. look at him, he’s at least 7’1″ his wing span is 7’7″ he runs the floor like a gazelle.
      they compared him to KG for this reason. he’s very athletic. he was never given the chance to develop a game. all he needs is for someone to show belief in him and his game, he’ll surprise alot of people and danny ainge once again will look like a genius that he is!!!

      • Reggie35RIP

        Who compared him to KG? >_>

  • Mvp781

    We shouldn’t b mad at this what so ever 7′ length def cheap not hating on this as much as I hated bass 6mil plus rondo makes everyone better

  • Reggie35RIP

    I’m not holding out much hope for Darko miraculously turning his career around after being in the league for 9 years – unlike some other people on here.

    But, I don’t mind this signing because it’s for one year and for the vets minimum.

  • Celtic Pride in Oz

    not expecting too much from Darko, but for the price and the contract period, what can we really lose? the guard spots are pretty well covered for this coming season and if Green and Sully play as predicted, our forward spots are better this year. Giving KG some help with Collins, Wilcox and now Darko, should shore up the front line better and also allow us to bring Melo along in a timeframe that will probably suit him and the team better, in the long run. I think Danny made a good pickup at a good price here.

  • Jason

    Really makes me wonder about the intelligence of this blogger to not be excited about this pick up.

  • Ronald Reagan

    he looks like he weighs 3 bills

  • Ray

    The only team I feel sorry for is the Pistons

  • huba91

    Darko is above good in defense so is a got fit to C’s. Remember that he is from Serbia and guys from this country understand team sports (basketball, volleball etc.) like nobody else.