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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics lost an A-list free agent

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics.  Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from around Miami.

Q: The Celtics lose Ray Allen, they get Jason Terry and Courtney Lee. They lose Greg Stiemsma and get Jason Collins. Now I see they’re adding Darko Milicic. Have they had a better summer than the Heat? — Arn, Delray Beach.

A: They’ve certainly had a busier one, but they also lost an A-list free agent in Allen, the type of blow the Heat did not have to absorb. To a degree, the Celtics were in recovery mode from that point, with Terry, Lee and even Darko helpful in filling their voids. But the most significant moves by the Celtics were retaining Brandon Bass and especially Jeff Green, who wasn’t even available to them last season due to a heart issue. Of course, Boston also has to recover from the devastating free-agency loss of Ryan Hollins.

Sun Sentinel

Let me be kind and say I don’t quite see this the same way as Ira Winderman (although he does get points for the Ryan Hollins sarcasm). The response should have read this way:

Yes. While losing the aging, defensively-challenged and selfish Ray Allen, the Celtics bolstered their back court with the additions of the still explosive Jason Terry and Courtney Lee, a defensive hound dog with a jumper. Jeff Green is the real X-factor, as he could provide the Celtics with a reliable back-up to Paul Pierce. Darko Milicic doesn’t really deserve mention, but watch out for rookie Jared Sullinger. Viewed as a lottery pick two years ago, many teams passed on Sully due to back issues. But the former Buckeye made it through Summer League and off-season workouts without any problems. And, there’s Chris Wilcox – another athletic big man who missed the second half of last season due to a heart ailment. Watch out Heat fans, the Celtics are coming and they’re loaded and angry.

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  • All those moves would have FAR better if the Celtics had not wasted all their cap space on an aging KG.

    • Shawncvd

      Both sides knew they needed each other. Celtics are not elite without Ticket. The guy can still go and in year three Ainge has a large contract he can trade if needed to accelerate the rebuild.

      • KY Celts fan

        KG has a no-trade clause. He ain’t going anywhere.

    • Danno

      Apparently you didn’t watch the second half of last Season or the Playoffs at all?

    • big mitch

      man kg is the past,present and future.

    • kg215

      Lol someone doesn’t watch or know much about basketball. Without KG all these moves would have been 100% pointless it would have been better to go into rebuilding because no KG=no contending for a championship.

  • CoachAJ

    KG is playing for half of what he normally gets paid. That’s a bargain. The Celtics acquisitions of Terry, Lee, Sullinger, Joseph, Melo, Milicic, will make them much more athletic than they have been in a long time. Then getting a healthy Green and Wilcox, who was playing well before he had to shut it down, will make the C’s deeper at key positions. And bringing in the FA’s like Christmas, and Smith could keep the hunger level high. Yes Ray going to Miami was a big deal. We didn’t want him to go there. We were all hoping he would pick the Clippers, but it’s okay, because now he and Wade will have to go against Bradley and that ain’t gonna be nothing nice for them. We got banner 18 despite what those guys in LA think.

  • Chuck

    You lose more credibility every time time you call Ray Allen selfish. Disagree with, or even hate, him for going to Miami, but this Ray Allen was a selfish diva bit is BS. It’s professional basketball, not the WWF (or whatever it’s called these days.)

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      Chuck –

      Could you add an initial or something to your name so readers won’t confuse you with me?


    • Ace-one

      Agreed. Give it up already. Who would think someone would be this bitter about losing an “aging, defensively-challenged” player? By that thinking, you should be overjoyed not having him. Also, he’s selfish for taking less money with the Heat?

      Ray treated Boston every bit as professionally as Boston treated him (dangling him countless times, sending him to Memphis before trade fell through)–many would say more so. And he’s a class guy who’s been great in the community. Like other-Chuck said, you lose cred by continuing to try to villianize him. Keep it moving.

      • JR99

        And you lose credibility when you call Ray Allen a “class guy.” It was “classy” to spit in the face of every Celtics fan and player and go join their arch rivals for HALF the money? You think that’s “class”? If you think that little of yourself, so be it… but please don’t foist that crap on the rest of us.

        Ray Allen is a bona fide nutjob, who, after making it clear that he SO hated playing for Boston that he’d rather take peanuts and play in Miami, proceeded to talk about how he “loves” Boston, and will “always consider it home.” Nuts he is, and good riddance to him.

        This isn’t bitterness. He wasn’t selfish. He’s just a loser nut, and yes, we’re better off now for having gotten rid of him.

        • Ace-one

          No, I think class is being a consummate pro, always preparing physically and mentally, playing through injuries for the sake of team. That’s Ray. When was the last time you remember Ray not giving full effort on court? I can definitely remember some times when Rondo wasn’t (and again, Rajon’s my second favorite Celtic).

          I also think class is caring about your community and being generous to those less fortunate than you. That’s Ray as well.
          I never called him a saint, but I stick by my statement that he carried himself with class for five years.

          Look, Ray wasn’t a Celtics lifer. He spent more time at both Milwaukee and Seattle. How much loyalty did the Celts show to Ray by constantly dangling him, and even telling him he’d been traded to Memphis? If any personally feelings went into his decision to go to Miami, it was directed toward the front office, not the fans.

          But I’m glad you concede he’s not selfish–“just a loser nut.” Good to know.

          • JR99

            “When was the last time you remember Ray not giving full effort on court?”

            A: 2012 ECF. He sucked. Even at the FT line. Opinions will vary about the “effort” involved, and his injuries, etc… but not that he sucked when it counted most

        • kg215

          Ray is a classy guy, don’t know why you are so angry. He didn’t spit in our face, he has been disrespected by Ainge multiple times and now we find out he didn’t get along with Rondo. It made sense for him to leave, he was also on the decline big time in everything except shooting. It’s a win win for us, the guy’s we replaced him with can do things that Ray lost a long time ago and they want to be here.

  • Mvp781

    Ray a al-list now that shit cray

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  • paul

    Poor Ray. Celtics fans are saying mean things about him. Why would they ever do this? After all, he’s such a consummate pro that he bitched about being benched and then signed on to be a bench guy for another team. He ripped Rondo behind his back through the media relentlessly, it now seems. Funny how all those Rondo hate stories have quieted down since he left. That’s real high class behavior – to say all the right things out in the open, while trashing a young player’s reputation behind his back. Then there’s Allen leaving the Celtics just so he could go play for the enemy, can cheap threes and win cheap rings. Nice class. Funny how he apparently wanted the offense run for him long after he was no longer the offensive threat he once had been, then when he left he bitched about the way the offense was geared to him and about it not being geared to him enough with almost the same breath! A real pol there. Total (forked tongue) class.

    I don’t hate Ray. He did a lot for us. He did show a lot of professionalism in some ways. But wow, he still has a lot of folks snowed under, doesn’t he? Saint Ray. Jesus Allen. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

    • Ace-one

      1) Nobody’s asking you to praise Ray to the heavens. His history speaks for itself. Just realize basketball’s a business, thank him for 5 important years, and move on.

      2) I’m sure he wasn’t happy about moving to the bench, but please show me where Ray bitched about it.

      3)While you’re at it, please show me where he bitches about how the offense was geared toward and not geared toward him in “almost the same breath!”

      4)So when vets like Sam Cassell and James Posey come over looking to help the Celts win a title (or Jason Terry does it this year), it’s cool, but if Ray does same it’s chasing “cheap rings” and classless?

      5)If you really think that Ray is the only source of internal criticism toward rondo, you’re either deluded or suffer from a strange form of selective amnesia. See http://tinyurl.com/9u6kkqm or
      http://tinyurl.com/bp4e7zz or just google “rajon rondo immature”. Rondo’s my second favorite Celtic, but he’s gotten on a lot of teammates’ and coaches’ nerves.

      6) Look, whether or not you like Ray’s decision, it was his to make, and it doesn’t eliminate the past 5 years, where he’s been a major credit to the organization. Get over it. “Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

      • JR99

        There’s a difference between “holding a grudge” and speaking truth. We who properly despise Ray Allen for what he did are not holding a grudge. But if the subject turns to him — which hopefully won’t happen very often in the future — then we speak our minds. Your mind seems to be telling you to say “Thank you, Ray” for him spitting in your face. We prefer to say “Screw you, Ray…. and thanks for leaving.” Some of us speak truth. Others are blind hero-worshipers. To each his own.

        But I’ll be booing that nutjob when he comes to play here. That’s for sure.

        • Ace-one

          You’re right: to each his own. And from what I see, “your own” is to pretend like the last five years didn’t happen and only look at the summer. Like Ray wasn’t a huge part of Celtics’ success. Like he wasn’t generous and active in the community. Like Boston didn’t try to dump him to Memphis before the Griz reneged.

          So yes, there are Celtic fans who are holding a silly grudge, as shown by the fact that they make up stuff or take hypocritical stances, and can’t back it up when called on it. See points 2-5 above. I know it was “Paul” and not you who made the original comments, but feel free to try to defend your fellow Ray-hater if you like.

          Look, there’s nothing wrong with being upset that he went to the Heat, but move on already. And this whole “some of us speak truth” line is laughable. Couple months ago, people were all “We really gotta re-sign Ray, he’s a huge boost for us.” And now it’s all “He’s old, injured, can’t play d, can’t dribble, locker-room cancer, yada yada.” That’s not speaking truth, that’s sour grapes.

          Let it go, and forgive Adam Vinatieri and Johnny Damon while you’re at it.

          • JR99

            I have let it go. But if the subject comes up, I’m not going to pretend that Ray is “ok” when he’s not. Yes, he contributed back in the day. So? He contributed for a while, then he spat in our faces. Which action should we remember? Answer: both. I remember that he helped us once upon a time. And I remember and resent the spitting in my face. When I add it all up, the sum = I despise the guy.

            But I suppose everyone does their own arithmetic with these things. Peace out.

          • JR99

            One more thing. Let’s not forget, and let’s agree, that Ray Allen is now The Enemy. Whatever you think of what he did in the past, there’s no question at all that, as a Celtics fan, any member of the Heat is An Enemy.

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  • Celticsfanatic

    How is Ray Allen an A-list free agent and Jason Terry is not? Just pure bias all around. Not even mentioning our draft picks either, and the number of guys we got back from last year for bargain money — Wilcox, KG, Bass. Can’t take the Heat reporters seriously anymore, if you ever could.

    • kg215

      That is correct, you never could take them seriously. And their blogs are even worse because a lot of people jumped on their bandwagon after they won.

  • JR99

    The only thing I ask for is good health come 2013 playoff time. If Cs have that, Heat gonna get hosed.

  • Paul Pierce for 3333333333

    Can’t believe people are entertaining Ira Winderman’s ridiculous post. Clearly there’s no merit to any of his assertions. Ira, has been reading and hearing many of the stories regarding the Celtics disdained for the Heat and so Ira Winderman is responding with bias articles.

    Ray Allen A-list, huh? I guess when u play behind James, Wade and Bosh the flaws of Allen’s regressed game can be hidden. Moving on…

  • Eric

    I’m getting tired of the Ray Allen criticism. Leave Ray alone already. Yeah, I was mad when he decided to join the Heat cuz I HATE that team, but let’s be real. Would we hate the Heat if they were as bad as the Bobcats? No. There’s your answer as to why we hate them. Now let’s view this from Ray’s stand point. He’s about to retire. Now quit lying to yourself and answer this truthfully, basketball aside. Would you rather spend a year in Florida or Mass? Idk bout you guys, but I’d rather go play for a team where there’s no drama with me or any other players, I’d want to play where I feel wanted, I’d want to chase a championship, and I’d want my family to be happy, and I’m heading to Florida too.

    My point? Ray Allen has done soooo much for this organization and the moment he starts thinking about what’s best for him and his family, he’s selfish? Maybe YOU guys are the selfish ones.

    I’ll admit it. I was mad at Ray, but I understand why he went there and I forgive him. I still love Ray and for those who continue the hating, grow up. Ya’ll are being selfish and Idl why you’re still bitter about it cuz he was replaced by two great assets.

  • Robert Liscio

    I thank Ray for the Championship he helped us win and for always coming to play but that”s it! He left the Celtics for Lebron and the Heat and there is no team in the NBA celtics and celtics fans hate more than the heat!! Enough Said!! Ray pretty much said thanks for making me a NBA Champion and putting me with talent but now Im going to try and keep you from winning anymore!! So I say screw ray allen, i hope he has a miserable time in MIami, and his wife cheats on him with some surf bum!!