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Counterkicks’ exclusive KG3 sketches/images

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My boys over at Counterkicks published some great stuff today on the Anta “KG3” today. The most intriguing to me are the sketches and early design ideas. KG sat down with footwear consulting group Concept 21. They brainstormed and asked Ticket for ideas on his 3rd Anta signature shoe. As you’ll see in some of the sketches, The Dark Knight was one of the inspirations behind the KG3. Garnett also made it clear that he wanted a shoe that would stand out without taking away from “functionality and performance.”

Dallas Stokes, the designer of the KG3 and a huge Celtics fan, tells the story about how excited he was when asked to design the shoe:

“I was able to work with a legendary shoe mind over at Concept 21 on this one and do a shoe for Kevin Garnett!!! Concept 21 is ANTA’s strategic partner in brand development, product planning, and design. Additionally, they play a major role with their NBA players. With Kevin they created the logos, and a robust product line and marketing strategy. They have set the direction for the last three years for Kevin. Concept 21 starts each season by sitting down with Kevin and talking about what his vision is and what he likes from a design, color, and material point of view. From this they develop a clear product brief including words and visual influences, which they provide to me. I was literally still asleep in my chair at my desk due to working on some other ANTA basketball products the night before when the phone rang and woke me up. Brent said, “Hey!!! You wanna do the next KG shoe?” I woke up immediately and replied, “HELL YEAH!!!”” ” 

You can see all the sketches/images, and read the full article over at Counterkicks.


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