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Your Morning Dump… Darko Milicic is reportedly going to sign with the Celtics

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Darko Milicic is flying to the States and he will likely sign his new contract in the NBA in the coming days.

The Boston Celtics are the favorite to sign the Serbian play who turned down a three-year, $6M offer from Real Madrid in the summer because he wants to play in the NBA.

Hoopsworld  (via D.M. of

Sorry to piss all over your cornflakes this morning, but it’s our obligation to report Celtics news.

It appears that Darko Milicic is going to sign with the Celtics on a veteran minimum deal. Yup. Darko. Milicic.

Reports of the Celtics interest in Darko first surfaced in July, but the lack of any substantial follow-ups had me thinking we were in the clear.

If you want a refresher course on Darko, check out this scouting report. It’s loaded with the following words and phrases; not good, bad, adequate, poor, easy to beat.

On the bright side, this is a veteran minimum deal. There’s no risk. If Darko sucks beyond his normal suckage level, then he’s gone by the end of training camp.

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  • grandad434

    NO!!!!! Not only did this piss in my corn flakes, it pissed all over my maple bacon too!

  • Cameron

    We needed a big body, we got one. I for one am satisfied

  • Darko

    Who said its a vet min deal? It could be a bi-annual no? Would have preferred Blatche bit Darling will do

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      In the last line of the story

      If the two sides agree, Milicic will sign a veteran minimum contract and become only the third in the uniform of a Serb “Celtic”, after Aleksandar Pavlovic Nenad Krstic.

  • Bailey

    Im all for it, dude HAS to have some kind of potential to be a former #2 pick, maybe Doc, KG and Crew will be able to tap into that potential and turn his career around, not a bad option for a 5th or 6th big man

  • BillRussellTheGreatestOfThemAll

    Why??? Oh well. If Darko doesn’t buy in 100% to the Celtic way, KG will destroy him. But if, IF he does buy in, the Cs will have a 7’1, 275 lb Center to bang against Howard and Bynum.

  • Isai

    WTF… first collins then darko. this could hace been K-mart and Birdman

    • Andrew B

      C’mon man, we do not need K-mart and Birdman on this team, especially as reserve guys, we don’t need characters like that.

  • Chris

    Wow, with Darko and JC, Howard is gonna have a hell of a time trying to shoot free throws.

  • KY Celts fan

    he’ll never find his way on the court unless we’re up by 30.

  • Ian Martin

    He will change. He will be better. he should, he’s a Celtic now.

  • noche

    Yeah, but at least he’s a badass.

    • Gil305


    • Thats how he plays for the Serbian team.

  • Djisinthehalk

    Big slow bodies are for Andrew Bynum

  • MissMD88

    Sorry but you pissed on my morning with this news not just my cornflakes *deep sigh and walk away*

  • RedsLoveChild

    Nenad Krstic, Part 2

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  • Craig

    So what does this mean for Christmas/Smith? I’d rather have another guard at this point than Dorko

    • thetitleisours

      That was what I was wondering. Can we pay Christmas to play in Maine?

      • Yeah, there’s a provision where NBA teams can cut guys from camp but basically sign them to “minor league deals”

  • Jamiepaul

    I’d rather have darko than Jason Collins.

    • Jester00

      U r right he is, plus all teams have to have 1 white guy it is a league rule

  • sebastian

    es verdad todo esto de milicic

  • Jaufox

    Looks this is a bad deals hands down. Stop with the being content with crap players things cause that’s dumb. Let’s make this clear, Darko sucks. Always has and always will. Anyone who believe he has value doesn’t know or seen him in action. No he will not have a “break out” season and he won’t have an impact on the team. I imagine he will rot on the bench and get garabage time and I hope he does. He’s got a bad additude problem and bring nothing of worth on this team. Sad day in Celtic land for me.

    • the good thing, though, is that if he’s truly that bad… they can cut him and be done with him with almost no impact on the cap.

  • Sheets

    Darko will be the starting 5 and KG will go back to the 4 like DA promised KG before he signed.

    • Jayfox

      Highly doubt Darko to start. Like I said he bring nothing to the team. He has no defense and barely an offense. Adam Morrison would be better than Darko.

  • Larry Legend


  • Larry Legend

    Only reason I can stomach this deal is it’s vet min, and we can cut his clumsy ass if he proves to be as bad as advertised. I guess 7’1″ counts for something and if there is a team that could possibly get something out of him it’s doc/celts. That said no real expectations for this guy other to be disappointed.

  • Chris

    Sure, if you compare him to other number two picks, the guy is a dud. But Danny isn’t wasting a number 2 pick here. It’s a vet minimum deal. Low risk. Unlikely-but-high reward. And easy to cut if he’s nothing more than KG’s punching bag.

  • Jayfox

    We could have signed hassan whitside. Dude is young, has great shot blocking, and a good mind set. Just needs training. Oh well…

  • thetitleisours

    Thanks man

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