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This Darko thing is really happening

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) September 20, 2012 Free Agency 21 Comments on This Darko thing is really happening

The Boston Celtics plan to enter training camp next week with a slew of new faces, with Darko Milicic being among them.

A league source confirmed to that Milicic, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft, will sign a one-year deal with the Celtics next week for the veteran’s minimum.


Yup.  This is really happening.

This confirms the report in our Morning Dump, and while a lot of us, including myself, have had the initial reaction of dread, the reality of this situation is that it’s not that bad.

First… it’s a minimum deal.  And to reiterate Chuck’s take… it’s no risk.  You can cut the guy at any time and it will have almost no impact on the books.

Second… Paul Flannery tweeted, he’s tall.  So what’s the worst case scenario here?  They have a tall guy who sits at the end of the bench in a suit as an inactive?  Maybe you keep him active and you’ve got a tall goon with six fouls.

The best-case scenario is you’ve got a tall guy who takes advantage of some of the space created by all of the good players to grab rebounds and finish easy plays.  If Ryan Hollins can get meaningful minutes against the Miami Heat… then Darko riding the end of the pine is not THAT big of a deal.

The bottom line is, keep your expectations pretty low and you might end up being surprised by him.  As for guys he might squeeze out for that last roster spot?  I think Dionte Christmas and Jamar Smith get cut and tucked away in the D-League as insurance.

There… I think I’ve thoroughly convinced myself to be OK with this move.  If they’d done this any other way, I’d   have an issue.  But this way… this is OK.

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  • G4L

    Its not a bad move. He’ll be the third center off the bench. Which translates to limited minutes if any. Now Melo can go to Maine & work on his game for 2014.

    • grandad434

      I agree here that Melo needs to be jammin up in Maine with Christmas and Smith, ready to pull over at any time needed for injuries this season and added to next season’s roster.

      Darko is automatically better than Melo, so it’s a no loss situation here, just one that needed to happen to ensure Melo wasn’t wasting away all season sitting at the end of the bench. Now he can be sent to fully develop his game and hopefully turn into a diamond next season when the C’s will be hurting for a work horse at the 5.

      Consider Darko to play the Brad Miller spot, snagging rebounds and fouling out. No loss. Still wish his spot was already filled for Stiemrolla though… but at least Greg will be getting good minutes in Minne!

    • Don’t underestimate this guy. He might even start, because for Boston, the center position is rather weak. Kevin Garnett, a natural PF, had to be moved to Center last season because Boston had no one else. fab Melo is certainly not going to get many minutes because he’s too raw and Chris Wilcox is no better.

      • He has a better chance of seeing God than starting. Wilcox is a solid pro, to compare him to Melo & Darko is unfair.

  • Craig

    I really wanted Christmas to make the team. I do not approve

    • grandad434

      me too, but big man depth is what we need most. Christmas can always be brought over though and hopefully he will make the roster for sure next season.

      • Cameron

        I say keep Christmas and send Joseph to Maine

  • Joe Dumars prob kicks himself everytime he reads about Darko getting another shot.

  • amparan

    him not choosing the Heat shows some self respect right? i mean, not wanting a high chance of a ring for free(Curry last year). but maybe earning it, with some playing time with the C’s…

  • RedsLoveChild

    Start Fab Melo alongside KG from Day 1….having Melo play against “mush” in the D-league will NOT prepare him for the NBA.

    You learn only by doing…not watching!

    • Eric

      I agree. Showing him that they have confidence in him would boost his confidence, and he can reach his potential quicker. I think he’s gonna be like Tyson Chandler. I like Sullinger. He reminds me of a heavier Pierce. and Jeff Green… Oh man.. He’s gonna be nasty.. When he’s aggressive, it’s insane. Youtube him in OKC. and I like Khris Joseph. He can shoot and he got hops, which can translate to defense. Can’t wait for the season to start.

  • paul

    Can’t really argue with this move too much.

  • Jason

    Darko is better than Fab and will be all year. You guys are just still comparing him to other lottery picks. He averaged 9, 5, and 2 blocks in 24 minutes and protects the rim. You guys are crazy to think he won’t get big minutes and he is a better rim protector then Wilcox (who’s true position is PF anyway)

    • I agree, he was actually decent in Minnesota…..he’ll get minutes in Boston for sure. It could be a great pick up, either way it’s a min. contract. Go Danny, Go C’s!

  • MikeABQ

    On a minimum deal, I see no problem here. Melo has a ways to go before he is ready for extended minutes, so this is good insurance for center position. I would actually think he would be higher on the depth chart than Collins. Don’t know why people are going so crazy about this, its a low risk and there are not really any other options out there. To those crying out for K-Mart and Birdman, they are both 34 and potential headaches, Darko is 27 and much less of a distraction. In all honesty tho, I would have liked to see someone added at small forward- If PP or Green goes down, not much depth there- Courtney Lee at 6’5 or Kris Joseph with little expirience

  • RAS

    Was Kosta Koufos not available?

  • Serbian Horror Story

    Just as excited about this as the Jermaine O’Neal signing. A great pick-up for a third-string center who hopefully will never play or earn any guaranteed money.

  • zippittyay

    Darko fills the underdog big white guy fan favorite void that Steamer filled when Scal left.

  • Rjd123

    Not really sure what the problem is…He signed for the minimum and the last year he actually got PT (2010-2011) he averaged 9 ppg 5 rebs and 2 blocks a game. He’s a head case, but he has WAY more skill than Jason or Ryan Collins. If he acts up he can get cut, otherwise he can block and score when Rondo, Pierce, or KG draw the opposing center. This was a good move by Danny. Not incredible like getting Lee for garbage, but no real risk to get a guy who can actually contribute.

  • kg215

    People seem to forget Darko is actually a pretty good shot blocker, they are pretty rare and we got him for the minimum. Also he gets some boards and yes he is a 7 footer with 6 fouls. He is better than Jason Collins for team defense, not as good as Collins for individual defense on bruisers like D12. At the minimum he is a great pick up.

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