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KG: History of Kicks

Came across this fantastic “KG: History of Kicks” post this morning. It chronicles virtually every shoe KG has worn from his rookie season, all the way up until today. From Jordan, to Nike, to And One and more, you’ll see them all. Pics are courtesy of T.C.M.S.  Enjoy:


1995-1997 seasons



1997-1998 season

1998-1999 season

NIKE AIR GARNETT 2 (this shoe was never released & KG never ended-up wearing it. Nike made samples, but shoe was scrapped)

1999-2000 season/Sidney Olympics

2000-2001 season

2001-2002 season

2002-2003 season

2003-2004 season

2004-2005 season

2005-2006 season

2006-2007 season

2007-2008 season

2008-2009 season

2009-2010 season


2010-2011 season

2011-2012 season

2012-2013 season


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  • Jean GR

    Awesome collection! Great job! Loved the the 97-2002 period! Nike FTW!

  • Looking at all those picture, It’s amazing to see how Garnett’s body developed over time. When he started he was literally a stick figure who maily played in the perimeter. Look at him now!! You can see how much he has developed muscularly over time.

  • This is awesome. You can tell a lot of time was put into this post. Thanks!

  • KY Celts fan

    I may be alone in this, but posts about shoes are just white noise to me.

    • We get that. It’s not for everyone… that’s why its in it’s own section. You can choose to follow it or not. Of course, if you’re reading us via the “blog view”… then you see everything.

      We’re trying to take advantage of our sections to appeal to a wider audience without alienating our regular readers. There are things some people won’t like all over the site… but it’s a customizable experience.

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  • don

    thanks for the post! it’s a great view/read. adidas did give him a very personal shoe in the adidas TS commander for the finals, great great shoe!

  • BillRussellTheGreatestOfThemAll

    The best part about that chart is seeing the Celtic side take up more and more of KG’s career. It would take KG playing 8 more seasons (counting the upcoming 2013 season) for Boston to literally overtake his time in Minnesota, so that’s not gonna happen. But I think when its all over, KG will be remembered as a Celtic more and less as a Timberwolf. Rock on, KG!

  • Number33

    Apparently KG prefers wearing ugly as shit kicks. Once he got off the Jordans it was a footwear horror show. Nice compilation though. Not a waste of time or anything.

  • Ian Martin

    VERY INTERESTING! For me, KG’s best shoes were the Adidas series. I also like Anta KG1 and KG3.