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Rajon Rondo owns 35 pairs of jeans

In this Today Show segment about Rajon Rondo’s internship at GQ and his affinity for fashion, we learn that he owns 35 pairs of jeans. Contrast that with the two pairs in my closet.

Rondo also owns a hideous pair of gold sneakers. He’s still looking for the right occasion to wear those babies.

Rondo singled out Joakim Noah as the NBA player with the worst fashion sense.

Why am I amazed at Rondo’s international superstardom? He doesn’t get the same level of respect in Boston that he gets around the world. Why is that?

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  • DeVelaine

    Probably the simplest reason for the lack of respect is that we as fans can’t seem to see him consistently do what we know he’s capable of doing. The rest of the world sees his on-court achievements when they’re big deals, but we get to see those “SEGABABA games in Toronto in January” when no one cares.

  • paul

    Really? So Rondo is the only inconsistent player? What a load of da da .

    No, the problem is that fans and medias have their heads stuck in 2008. For them, it will be 2008 forever. It’s pathetic.

    • DeVelaine

      Never said that he was the only inconsistent player, because the entire damned team gets inconsistent at times (aside from KG’s on-court madman routine, I’m not sure that *can* stop while on the court). Just tossing out a theory on why the rest of the world is higher on Rondo than the fans seem to be.

    • KY Celts fan

      oh geez. can we not go through this again? man, you take things way too personally.

  • Drew

    You only own 2 pairs of jeans? What kind of long pants do you wear?

    • Chulinho


      Still 35 pairs of jeans is a ridiculous number.

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      Capri pants.

  • Does he have pictures of himself (all shirtless & sweaty) on the walls of his crib?

  • Chulinho

    I’ve heard that international fame is collected through success, and not necessarily personality. Maybe the Celtics success in the 2012 playoffs, which is largely credited to KG and Rondo, and Rajon finally coming out of his shell this summer has broadened his international appeal.

    It makes sense, I guess. That’s why Kobe Bryant is more popular than guys like Lebron or Kevin Durant in many other countries.

  • Quest

    International press …never saw that stoic & disengaged look Rajon gives the local media outlets…. he’s talkative & engaged and personable w the international press. He shows a different side of himself when overseas.

  • Garnett’s Grl

    I love Rondo’s disposition, the local media asks a lot of dumb questions, I’m the same way the difference is I can just say it, Rondo has to show it through he facial expressions. I’ve loved Rondo since he came into the league I’m so happy that the rest of the world has finally taken noticed!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    Did anyone notice the potraits on rondo hanging up behind his own couch? Pretty funny.

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