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GreenLight Madness Sweet Sixteen: Seed #13 vs Seed #29

Jay September 19, 2012 MrTrpleDouble10 Videos, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo Comments Off on GreenLight Madness Sweet Sixteen: Seed #13 vs Seed #29

There are just two matchups left in the sweet sixteen with today’s matchup fitting a Paul Pierce milestone against a Rajon Rondo trick play.  Pierce’s three to surpass Larry Bird into second place on the Celtics all-time scoring list was an upset winner in round one.  Can he do it again?

Seed #29 – Paul Pierce Surpasses Larry Bird on the Celtics’ All-Time Scoring List: Sometimes a three pointer is anything but routine.  In what was a random game between the Celtics and Charlotte Bobcats at the Garden, Pierce made it quite memorable.  I included a long montage dedicated to Pierce surpassing Larry Bird, but it’s the three that allowed him to do it.  Enjoy the clip and enjoy Pierce as long as he’s wearing green.


Seed #13: Rondo Catches Wade Sleeping, Game 7 2012 ECF – It’s early during Game 7 against Miami and the Celtics are looking for their first basket to break the ice.  Rondo is inbounding the ball underneath the basket and notices Dwyane Wade with his back turned towards him.  Rondo pulls a Scottie Pippen and gently tosses the ball off of Wade’s back to himself and gets the lay-up.  Smart move and even bolder considering it’s Game 7.

The Truth Surpasses The Legend or Rondo Catches Wade Sleeping?

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