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Your Morning Dump… Where Mickael Pietrus was in excruciating pain last season

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According to a source close to the situation, suddenly, three NBA teams have shown major interest in the nine-year veteran and two of the teams seem very motivated to get a deal done.

According to the same source, Pietrus also has a strong overseas option on the table that contains an escape clause.

The source says, “He’s considering all of his options, but he prefers to play in the NBA and he’s feeling 10 times better than last season. He’s healthy for the first time in two years.”

Pietrus, 30, had his right knee scoped in Boston this past summer to relieve him of the discomfort he felt during the 2011-12 season. That procedure was performed as a do-over to his first operation on the same knee a year earlier in France.

His first knee procedure in the summer of 2011, was arthroscopy surgery to remove loose bodies.

However, according to the source, the French surgeon didn’t remove a large piece of cartilage and that caused Pietrus to suffer excruciating pain last year and he was forced to play 80 percent on one leg.


It was also excruciatingly painful to watch Mickael Pietrus shoot brick after brick after brick, and commit foul after foul after foul in the playoffs. He had more fouls than buckets.

It’s safe to say this French surgeon cost us a trip to the Finals last season.

In other former Celtics news, Marquis Daniels worked out with the Bucks – they have one open roster spot. Good luck, Quis.

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  • Guy had access to arguably the best surgeons in the world here in Boston & he let’s some hack in France do it? Sacre’ bleu! Anyways I wish the best for Pietrus-that guy is good people. One of the friendliest & down-to-earth athletes I’ve ever met.

  • Joe MannoHaiti

    We will miss Air France.good luck to him

    • Drew

      Speak for yourself. Good riddance Air “ball” France. You won’t be missed. The highlight of the season for him from my perspective was when he hit that game tying 3 late in the early season bulls game that we eventually lost. Not a good thing.

  • RedsLoveChild

    “Peaches” was simultaneously likable and disappointing.

    Quis played the most “invisible” 138 game career in Celtic history. If it weren`t for his injuries, there would be no point of reference to remember him by.

    • Jayfox

      Not true. Hey may not of showed up in the stats but his toughness on D is where he is most valuable. I’ve always liked Quis. He was a great player. Hope he gets to play in the NBA next season

      • RedsLoveChild

        Quis was a “great” player???

        • trav

          you forget how well he was playing in 2010-11, had he not gotten a concussion, Ainge wouldn’t have felt the need to bring in Jeff Green to relieve Pierce.

  • James

    “It’s safe to say this French surgeon cost us a trip to the Finals last season”.

    No, the Celtics as a unit cost themselves a trip to the finals. Had the Celtics taken care of business in games 6 or 7, then banner 18 might be hanging on Oct 31, 2012.

  • Quest

    So how many other secrets does the Celtic organization hide behind the locker room door. Getting tired of the PR bull shit already.

  • tyson

    Quis was a very underrated player when cutting to the basket and converting easy lay ups. Plus how can you forget him “flexing” on the bench during the playoff run