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Your Morning Dump… Doc Rivers wants his players to hate Miami

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“Honestly, I don’t care about the Lakers [applause from crowd]… if we play the Lakers in the Finals, all is good. I’d love that opportunity.

My honest thought as a coach right now… I have my eye squarely on Miami. I come up to my players during the year-they’re in the facility now-I bring up Miami every single day to them. I want them to hate them. I want them to beat them. That’s gotta be our focus.”

The Lakers are better… but I’m not one who thinks they are way better. The guy they traded (Andrew Bynum), for us, we had trouble guarding him. Dwight (Howard) is a great player… we’ve guarded him pretty well. Offensively, the (Steve) Nash part is different. I wonder how that’s going to work. Are they going to run the Princeton offense… keep moving the ball. I want to see Kobe keep moving the ball [laughter].

Last week, we posted video of Doc Rivers talking about Courtney Lee and Kevin Garnett with the legendary Bob Ryan during the ABCD camp. Well, there are a few more interesting tidbits from that interview, like Doc’s desire to have his players hate the Heat.

Hating Miami isn’t an option, it’s a necessary ingredient for this Celtics team. A revamped, angry and hungry Celtics team can beat a fat-and happy Heat team. We’ll hear a lot from LeBron and co. about wanting to repeat as champions, but some of that urgency will be gone. It inevitably happens to champions every year. There’s a lot less pressure on LeBron James this coming season.

I also agree with Doc’s mentality on the Lakers, Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard. Guess I should get into coaching.

Click here to listen to Doc talk about changes the Celtics must make offensively to improve and beat the Heat.

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  • RedsLoveChild

    Nice attempt at “deflection”, Doc….but. I`m not buying it!

    Doc is trying his best to appear unfazed by the Lakers. Don`t be fooled by his BS.

    The Lakers are not only living inside Doc`s head…they`ve already rearranged the furniture!

    • Drew

      You couldn’t be anymore wrong. You think Doc Rivers gives 2 shits about a team that we play twice a year? I really hope you aren’t serious.

  • MissMD88

    He’s right. He really can’t get too worked up about the Lakers now. Celtics have to beat the heat to make out the East and that’s a difficult task. Also loved that he said in the other videos that he tells the players that if Cs get into a track meet with Miami, they won’t win but if they get into a “thinking meet” they’ll win. Great motivator.

  • lkk23

    I hate that pic of LeBron laughing at KG…I hope they use that pic and the clip of it from that game as some motivation(not that they really need much motivation)….

  • Drew

    So now Doc Rivers is backing up my argument that we should hate The Heat more than The Lakers. Good job Doc, tell all these dumb Celtics fans the deal.

    • Chulinho

      Of course we all hate the Heat more than the Lakers, at the moment.

      • Drew

        Yeah, that’s all that matters. Have you not heard all the rants people go on around here about how much more they hate the lakers than they do the heat? It’s frustrating to hear that shit.

  • zippittyay

    Lakers will be out in the 2nd round of the playoffs

  • Chulinho

    The only player on the C’s I think has had a rosy relation with anyone on the Heat is Jared Sullinger. Apparently he and LeBron go way back. Paul and KG seem as if they’re uncomfortable with Ray, at the moment; or they’re just apathetic. Who knows?

    Other than those players and Rajon, no other Celtic really has any kind of relationship with Miami players because they’re new to the team or they don’t like them already.

    • Drew

      Well, Paul was clearly hanging out with Wade and LeBron last summer. Whether they are friends or were just hanging out a little seems up in the air. But I haven’t heard about them hanging out lately. If I found out a Celtic was friends with anyone on The Heat at the moment I’d be pretty pissed off. I actually really prefer the Kobe strategy “fuck everyone, I don’t need friends” It seems like that mind set will completely have faded away in the next 5 years or so though.

      • Chulinho

        I agree with you on that philosophy. There’s too much friendliness in the NBA today. People that defend it don’t realize that bad blood makes for a much more interesting game. That’s why I wasn’t totally angry when Rajon and Kevin walked off the court without congratulating the Heat after Game 7. The C’s are one of the last teams to carry that kind of mentality, probably because of Doc and KG. There not assholes about losing to you, but they’re not going to send you celebratory cake either.