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GreenLight Madness Sweet Sixteen: Seed #7 vs Seed #23

Before the season began how many of you would have predicted that Avery Bradley would have cracked the top 10 of the Madness tournament not once but twice this season?  Forget that this was a breakout season for him, all that matters is that he made this list.  All kidding aside, AB’s ascension has been remarkable especially since he’s only 21 years old and can get better.  As well all wish him well from his double shoulder surgery recovery (I still say he should have had bionic arms implanted like Jax from Mortal Kombat), here’s another play against OKC that had Celtics fans hanging posters of Kevin Durant on their walls.  And Durant just happened to also be in the picture.

Seed #7 – Avery Bradley Posterizes Kevin Durant: Just before the all-star break, Kevin Garnett vowed that the BS style of play was over.  This game at OKC was not the launching point as they got soundly destroyed.  But the Thunder weren’t the only ones making noise.  Avery Bradley completely owns Kevin Durant on this dunk, introducing himself to the rest of the NBA.

Seed #23: Rondo Threads the Needle to Pierce, Game 4 ECF – Rondo has had several needle threading passes throughout his tenure as Celtics point guard, but this one was especially impressive.  So much so, that even Jeff Van Gundy is in awe.  With just about three minutes left in the first half, and the Celtics holding a decent lead, Pierce makes a cut to the hoop and Rondo somehow slips the ball perfectly to Pierce.  It’s one thing to not only try these passes during a routine game, but to execute it perfectly during a key playoff game makes it more remarkable.

AB Posterizes Durant or Rondo Threads the Needle vs Miami?


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  • 17rings

    Avery crosses up harden pretty bad before the jam too, should read “AB crosses Harden to posterize Durant”