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Your Morning Dump… Where Fab Melo has trimmed down tremendously

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

“He’s making strides,” said Joseph. “He’s in better shape, he’s trimmed down tremendously. He’s a guy I’ve been with for two years, and I remember his jump from his freshman year to his sophomore year, and he puts in a lot of work that people may not see all the time. But I was there, personally, and I saw the hard work that he puts in and his dedication to the game. So, since summer league, he’s really been doing well, pick-and-rolling like they want him to, dunking, blocking shots. He’s doing all the things necessary to win basketball games.” 

“Fab dunked on me three times,” admitted Joseph. “I was late on a couple rotations. But I got him back [Thursday]. Real good. For game point. Yeah, I dunked on him [Thursday].” 

ESPN Boston

I’m always stunned when guys come into the NBA in anything but elite shape. They should be able to find 2-3 hours per day to work out.

A lot of times, young big men will pack on the weight to fill out their frame. Being fat is better than being slim because it keeps them from getting pushed around.

I’m not worried about Fab. Anyone remember how flabby Kendrick Perkins was during his rookie season in Boston?

I’m curious who you all think will have a better rookie season, Fab or Kris Joseph? Let’s throw Dionte Christmas into the mix, too.

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  • Mvp781

    Took fab since the other two might not even play a game this season but hope kris makes its

  • I’d say Joseph will get more minutes, he’s prob. more NBA ready. Also, other than Green, there’s no real small forwards to b/u Pierce, whereas Fab has to contend with Wilcox & Collins for minutes. Go C’s!

  • RondoToKG

    Usually bigs develop slower than guards so I don’t expect Melo to contribute much this year. Dionte Christmas has looked the most NBA ready based on Summer League games and I wouldn’t be surprised if he contributes immediately. It all depends on who Doc is willing to give minutes to.

  • RedsLoveChild

    You can`t teach height.

    Fab has an opportunity to turn Danny Ainge into a Hall Of Fame GM!

  • Bobby

    I think Christmas will shine. He put up great numbers in the summer league. I also think Fab and Joseph will do good. Joseph was a better scorer than Dion Waters( I think that’s who he played with in Syracuse) was in college so I think he’ll be good. Not a huge contributer but will contribute nonetheless. And Fab I’m hoping will give us quality minutes. Not expecting big games right off the bat but good minutes for the Celts. I’m psyched about this season, can’t wait to see what it brings!

  • Chris

    This post has me excited about Fab, but I still say he’s going to be celebrating Christmas in Maine. I’d honestly prefer he get comfortable in Maine and start dominating there on a consistent basis before being thrown against NBA vets. He showed flashes of NBA skill in summer league, but to be a contributor to a team trying to win it all, he’ll need more than flashes. This at least gives me hope we might see him in green by seasons end.

    Dionte Christmas is the safe bet for impact from the minutes he could get until Avery returns.

  • Reggie35RIP

    I like Joseph the best talent wise. But he’s too far down the depth chart to get any minutes.

  • Adam

    It all depends on how Doc sets up the rotation.

    If Jeff Green gets a bunch of minutes at the 4, Josephs will undoubtedly be the most impactful. He is the only true Small Forward behind Pierce and Green, as Dionte Christmas is behind Rondo, Jet, Lee, and Bradley, and quite possibly even Dooling.

    It also depends on how healthy Chris Wilcox and Jason Collins are. If these two are 100%, Melo is the sixth Big on the depth chart behind Bass, KG, Sully, Cox & Collins. However, if these two are ANYTHING but 100%, Fab Melo could see major minutes.

    In the end I see Melo playing a lot toward the end of the All-Star break and the end of the season. I think he can easily put up 7 and 8 with a block and a half in ab

  • Chulinho

    Melo might get more playing time, but I think Christmas may out play Joseph and Fab. If you read his tweets from the last few weeks it seems like he’s always in the gym or hanging out with JET. He’s beyond determined.

  • Kricky

    I’d say Fab. Only because the rookie bigs always get a chance to play because of injuries and the like- think of Semi and Steamer in seasons past.