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Your Morning Dump… Could the Celtics be interested in Kenyon Martin?

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Meanwhile, the player who Barnes would essentially be replacing, Martin, remains unemployed despite his reputation as a tenacious defender and enforcer. He’s the sort of veteran that could come in handy for any contender, but here’s the crucial rub: It appears that most, if not all, of the interested teams want him to sign a veteran’s minimum deal.

The Lakers and Celtics have shown interest previously, but the question now is whether the 34-year-old Martin will hold out until midseason or perhaps even retire if he doesn’t get a deal and a situation to his liking. His leading competitor in this corner of the free-agent market is journeyman forward Louis Amundson, the 29-year-old who came off the bench for Indiana last season.

Sports Illustrated

I’ve never been a fan of Kenyon Martin’s attitude or his lips neck tattoo, but the guy plays hard and defends. The Celtics could make a play if Jared Sullinger, Chris Wilcox or Jason Collins struggle or suffer an injury. Danny Ainge is holding the bi-annual exception (approx $2 mil) which would allow him to pay Martin a bit more than the vet minimum. I would only invite Martin to Boston if one of the above proves worthless.

Amick says the Celtics are also interested in small forward Terrence Williams – a former 2009 lottery pick who played in Houston and Sacramento last season. Unless Dionte Christmas or Kris Joseph fail miserably, I don’t see a reason why the C’s would move on Williams.

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  • Eric

    He’s still pretty good, I’m surprised a team hasn’t signed him yet.

    • Larry Legend

      I think Kenyon would be perfect fit on this team. Wanted him earlier in offseason. Great defender, help on the glass, has some serious edge to him. Love to see it.

  • Chris

    Another good player who plays hard defence but is undersized and doesn’t rebound dominantly. I’d be happy if we got him but don’t mind if we don’t. Though I’d prefer he not sign with LA or Miami.

  • Danno

    Thug. DO NOT WANT.

  • Cam

    So nobody wants Barnes, Martin, Darko, Blatche on our team, but for the love of god don’t sign with the lakers/heat!!!

    Yeah that makes zero sense haha

  • RedsLoveChild

    Bad seed…well past his prime…never won a thing…at the FT line, he`s nearly as inept as Rondo…but, Celtics are too soft in the paint to rule him out.

  • mrchumpy

    He’s big, he’s tough, he’s got that veteran mentality. Whenever I see him on the court he’s playing smart and getting his teammates involved. I think he’d be a great addition.

  • I wanted him earlier this summer. The guy is still a excellent defender and can score when called on. Sure he’s a little older, but he’d only be in a limited role. I’d sign him just to keep him out of Miami.

    BTW, I don’t think Kenyon is crazy about the lips tat, I notice it went from red to black last year.

    • Gil305

      Lips tat had something to do with his ex, Trina. He got it covered up not too long after their break-up

  • Mvp781

    I’ll take Martin over bass any day

    • Jayfox


      • mvp781

        bass overpay cant rebound undersize cant really play d all he got is 12 pg and thats cuz of rondo martin cheaper plays good d better rebounder only thing is he older

        • kg215

          Bass is one of the best big man jump shooters in the league, top 5 for sure. Yes he is undersized but he is a decent rebounder and defender, just not a good one. His jump shot along with KG’s creates spacing for all the perimeter players and Rondo needs that space to do what he does best. It’s like a reverse of other teams where the guards normally create the spacing by being a shooting threat.

  • RAS

    I hope this doesn’t happen…

    • Jayfox


      • 17rings

        You guys are kidding right? Size in any form is good for the celtics right now.. Thug or not. This guy averaged 9-10 rebounds on the Nugs just 2 or 3 years ago

        • Jayfox

          Was a bust in china and a bust on the clips

          • kg215

            I really really hate the guy, I have hated Kmart his entire career even in college so I kind of agree. He was one of the few players that really tried to injure others, not just play physical. He absolutely is a thug, Mark Cuban was/is 100% correct. However I am not sure that we can be picky about big man right now. Hopefully we don’t pick Kmart up and we get a better veteran big before the deadline but it is hard to get a good deadline pickup. Most of ours have been failures, in fact almost every deadline pickup for any team ends up being a nonfactor or bad.

  • Jayfox

    Am I the only one who is interested in Williams? He’s young, strong, great team player, and a decent scorer. Watched him in Sac he wasn’t bad. Martin is an old thug played like crap on the Clips.

    • Chris

      No you are not. I like Kris Joseph and Dionte Christmas, but if either of them are getting court time on this team, I hope the Celtics had the win wrapped up by half time. Otherwise we’re in trouble. Williams on the other hand is a talent waiting to erupt. Reminds me of young Iggy – great basketball mentality and raw skills that will be refined with some hard work and good coaching.

  • Gixr1

    In 2002 this chump took off his jersey at the garden and whooped it up like he was on top of the world after beating us and advancing to the finals.

    I will never forget it, and I don’t care for him. But if he can help us and I don’t see why not. Let’s do it.

  • JG

    I’m not sure what’s going on here. Kenyon Martin is literally perfect for this team. He’s a tenacious defender, good rebounder, and a veteran. He displays a tough, gritty style of play that is exactly what this team is predicated on.

    You cannot let a tattoo on a guys neck that you don’t like influence your decision to sign him (assuming you are making the decisions). I don’t know if you realize this but the same was said about marbury, Nate Robinson, etc and they had no noticeable negative effect on team chemistry. In fact, if we are going to talk about players affecting team chemistry, shouldn’t we talk about Rondo? Why do you still want him here? Because he produces. That’s all that matters, and that’s what we could reasonably expect Martin to do. He is proven.

    The only reason the other “thugs” didn’t work out here (if you want to say they didn’t) is because they didn’t produce on the FLOOR. Their personalities were never a noticeable issue.

  • Danny ainge get kenyon martin”

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