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Photo Gallery: Truth & Ticket throwback

As I was looking at a few of my favorite websites today, I came across some great pics. It’s a throwback compilation of Pierce and KG playing against each other before Garnett joined the Celtics. Enjoy and props to JK for the great photos. Bonus video after the jump…

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  • amparan

    why they are guarding each other so much?

    • KWAPT

      I don’t necessarily think they were-in most pics, you’ll see Battie, Blount etc. Pierce was generally helping out or in the area, & vice-versa. Someone took the time to find those pics that had both players in the frame.

  • Cam

    Seriously KG is the man.

    People forget how good he was (he still is good) but watching old videos like this and he was just ridiculous.

    Still has that same smooth jumper

  • Corbs

    Anyone else notice KGs somewhat illegal screen on pierce right before the final shot? Haha