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GreenLight Madness: Sweet Sixteen – Seed #5 vs Seed #12

Avery Bradley was once afraid to participate in Celtics practices nevermind actual games.  He was afraid of guys like KG yelling at him for messing up but that was last year.  AB burst out on the scene this year highlighted with his stifling defense.  He proved he wasn’t afraid of anyone, which is highlighted in his ownage of DWade on the block below.  He’s also not afraid to go up against KG in today’s matchup.  Another tough call for the voters here.

Seed #5 – Avery Bradley owns Dwyane Wade: Riding a 6-out-of-7 game winning streak, including four straight, the Celtics had a long-awaited matchup with Miami on April Fool’s Day.  Avery Bradley had recently been thrust into the starting lineup due to Ray Allen’s ankle injury, then Mikeal Pietrus’ concussion.  But there was no fooling by AB on this day.  Just ask DWade who got completely owned on this rejection.  Sure, Shane Battier makes the quick heads up play by drilling the three, but it’s Bradley’s block that got Wade’s (and everyone else’s) attention.

Seed #12: KG Destroys the Rim, Game 5 ECF – There’s just under two minutes to go in a nerve-wracking, pivotal Game 5 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.  The Celtics were making their move and were on a fast break led by Rajon Rondo.  For a split second, Miami fell asleep in transition, and the Rondo/KG combo made them pay… loudly.  Rondo stopped just around the right-side near the three-point arc and noticed KG sneaking into the lane which Moses himself couldn’t have parted any wider.  The end result? KG absolutely destroying the rim violently while James Jones makes a weak attempt at stopping KG, only to get called for the foul.  Garnett completes the 3-point play with the free throw and eventually the C’s would go on to win the game.

AB Owns DWade or KG Destroys the Rim?


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