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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics have a lot of rivals

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics.  Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from around the league.

All the NBA blogs on SB Nation are writing about and polling fans about rival teams. Needless to say, the Celtics are a very popular choice.  Here’s a sampling…

45% of Knicks fans say the Celtics are their biggest rival:

Reasons: A bunch of recent games that came down to the last second, a recent history of small fights and hard fouls, the 2011 playoffs, Paul Pierce,Kevin GarnettRajon Rondo, and oh man I hate the Celtics so much.

Rivarly? The Knicks are the nail to the Celtics hammer.

How about the Hawks?

Games 6 and 7 of the 1988 Eastern Conference Semifinals still burns a hole in the Celtics current coach and then Hawks point guard Doc Rivers. The Celtics ended Mike Fratello’s Dominique Wilkins-led teams two seasons out of three, crushing the Hawks’ best chances to advance past the hard playoff ceiling that has been the second round.

In 2007, the upstart Hawks took on the Celtics and their Big Three of Kevin GarnettRay Allen and Paul Pierce and took them to a surprising seven games, marking the Hawks’ return to relevancy even in losing.

To quote KG – “I’m not addressing nor entertaining nobodies.”

73% of Miami Heat fans voted for the Celtics:

This rivalry is “newer” but has become the biggest enemy of the Big 3 era and has the potential for even more epic battles to come, or at least until Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce hang it up. The Big 3’s first regular season game was against the Celtics, whose triple superstar formula is acknowledged to have inspired the Heat’s own championship blueprint, and the battles in both postseasons that have seen the Heat victorious but not without giving their all against a team that always plays their best against the Heat. Swiping Ray Allen away from the Celtics months after beating them in 7 games in the Eastern Conference Finals just adds more fuel to the fire and another fascinating storyline to a rivalry that is getting more and more interesting.

A valid choice. I absolutely hate the Heat.

But I think we all know the Celtics biggest rival:

 No Laker fan needs to be told this to remember it. There is another team as successful as the Lakers, more successful in fact, in the only metric that truly matters. They are the Boston Celtics, and even though some will write off Boston’s dominance as a remnant of their distant past, there is no doubt they are the Lakers’ chief rival, because nobody else is even in the competition. Boston has 17 titles. The Lakers have 16. After that comes Chicago with six (all from a once in a lifetime player who isn’t coming back). It can honestly be said that no team is likely ever to surpass either LA or Boston in total championships, and so the two teams remain destined to fight each other into the sunset for the title of league’s most victorious franchise.

If you want a good laugh, read the comments in any of those blogs. The fans absolutely hate us. Lakers fans are still sour about their team quitting in 2008, while the Celtics fought valiantly to the finish in 2010.

The Celtics ranked 2nd in polls by Pistons fans and Magic fans. The 76ers blogger admits he’s too young to consider the Celtics as rivals.

Let us know what you think in the poll to the right or in the comment section.

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  • Russ

    I’m not surprise with this article. Since the Garnett, Allen and Pirece teamed up along with the emergence of Rondo’s play; the Celtics have developed many rivals. The Celtics Big 4 have dominated the past 4 or 5 seasons.

    Most of their rivals are in the east. Teams like Lebron’s Heat and Cavs, Howard’s Magic, Hawks, and Bulls. I guess the Knicks are considered rivals maybe their fans belive more than Celts fans.

  • RedsLoveChild

    As one who was at the Forum to witness Game 4 of the `84 Finals in person…thanks for posting the famous McHale-Rambis photo.

    I still maintain it should have been an offensive foul on Rambis!

    Scoreboard prior to this incident….Lakers, 76-70
    Scoreboard after this incident…Celtics, 59-49

  • Chulinho

    There’s just too much history between the C’s and Lakers. The Lakers and Celtics will always be the biggest team rivalry in the NBA. I would choose any other team to win a title before the Lakers.

    The Knicks are just really fun to beat, in both Gardens.

    The Heat-Celtics rivalry exploded quickly, but is still rather new. I will admit this one is pretty entertaining and probably will remain exciting because each team’s biggest star, Rondo and James, is in their prime.

    An underrated budding rivalry is the Celtics-Bulls. If Derrick Rose can get completely healthy, I won’t mind a Rondo-centric team vs. a Rose-centered team.

  • Larry Legend

    Celtics-Lakers untouchable. The best. Celts-Heat is the eastern conf version of celts-pistons late 80’s. Not as good as celts-76ers early 80’s. The celtics 80’s rivalries were the best the game will ever see. As a celts fan I love knowing everyone else hates you. It’s all respect. It’s why celts are one of thd top 5 sport franchises of all time. #1 on my list.

    • Bryce

      Agree! It shows the Celtics are on the minds of other teams fans.

  • Joseph

    Of course, people hate the Suckdics, Boston fans are assholes, plain and simple.

    Also, Boston and their 17 titles, haha, but remember this Suckdic fans, Boston dominated a nice decade (the 60s), the Lakers have dominated a generation (since 1970, the Lakers have been the dominate franchise. It’s a fact.

    Don’t worry, the Lakers will get to banner 18 before you guys do.

    • greeninla

      When it comes to AIDS and rape, the Lakers will always be the NBA`s most storied franchise, but for as long its about Championships, Boston is #1.17>11.

    • celtsfan75

      How many of the “L.A. Lakers” titles from a 50’s team in Minnesota are you counting in your team’s total championships?

      • RedsLoveChild

        They are counting 5 Minneapolis championships teams…all were won in the pre-historic, pre-24 second clock era.

        • Michael Nichols

          Do the Lakers hang the Minnesota title banners in the Staples Center? Anyone know for sure?

    • Jim

      Celtics fans, Joesph is what we call an Internet troll that pretends to be something he’s clearly not. He can’t articulate a sentence therefore he uses profanity and foul language.

      In reality his words shows that he’s more threatened by the Celtics sucess so he feels the need to troll.

  • Drew

    Am I a bad Celtic fan for hating The Heat a million times more than The Lakers? We’ve beat Magics Lakers to win a title. Bill Russell stomped all over Jerry Wests Lakers. We’ve beat Phil Jackson and Kobe’s Lakers.

    Until we beat Lebrons Heat in a play off series, I won’t ever get over my hatred for them. Call me crazy. That’s just the way I feel.

  • greenjim

    Philly is historically the biggest rival. Same conference, lots of games. The Doctor and Larry were something else