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Your Morning Dump… Celtics rank 5th in ultimate standings of NBA franchises

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Celtics rank 5th in ESPN’s annual ranking of the top NBA franchises. If you are wondering why Indiana and Memphis are ranked ahead of the C’s, it’s because of the variety of factors considered in the process. It’s not all about winning.

Bang For The Buck (BNG): Wins during the past three years (regular season plus postseason) per revenues directly from fans, adjusted for league schedules. 

Fan Relations (FRL): Openness and consideration toward fans by players, coaches and management. 

Ownership (OWN): Honesty and loyalty to core players and local community. 

Affordability (AFF): Price of tickets, parking and concessions. 

Stadium Experience (STX): Quality of arena and game-day promotions as well as friendliness of environment. 

Players (PLA): Effort on the field and likability off it. 

Coaching (CCH): Strength of on-field leadership. 

Title Track (TTR): Championships already won or expected in the lifetime of current fans.

Affordability will never been a strength of the Celtics, nor will it be for any big market team with a big payroll.

I’m a bit surprised the Celtics scored 10th in players. Sure, effort is always there, but like-ability? I guess all that talk about KG being a jerk is hot air.

Where are the mighty Lakers? #22.

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  • terlo

    i dont know what to make of it

  • Chris

    Whoever made these rankings has a serious love affair with the Spurs. I can barely stand to watch them thanks to Manu Ginobili. The team plays good ball, but that guy flops when someone breathes too close too him. I’m also shocked that Boston ranks as low as 12th for loyalty to players. Who else would stick by two role players with heart ailments?

  • RedsLoveChild

    This ranking system proves only one thing :

    Whoever compiled it has far too much time on his hands.

    • Eric

      Hahahhahaha. I agree.

      and that ranking systems dumb. Must not have been done by a true bball fan. Ranks supposed to be:

      1.) Celtics
      2.) Lakers
      3.) Bulls
      4.) Spurs
      5.) Phili
      6.) Detroit
      7.) New York
      8.) Houston
      9.) Golden State
      10.) Miami

      In my opinion, History of the franchise is what should matter, not all the stupid shit he mentions.

  • “Honesty and loyalty to core players and local community”……yeah, screw the entire city of loyal fans and move the team to a 3rd rate craphole and call it “honesty”. OKC is a joke and nobody in his right mind could spend two nights in a row there.

    • Chulinho

      Woah, calm down, buddy. I don’t live there anymore; but I’m from OKC. Sure, it won’t wow anybody with its features. But OKC loves its sports and there’s two teams most Oklahomans love more than any others: the OU Sooners and the OKC Thunder. I never really fit that mold, but most sports fans there do.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Not even Timothy McVeigh hated OKC this much.