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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics don’t pose a legitimate threat to the Heat

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics.  Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from Miami.

Mnelik Belilgne: Absolutely. The Celtics have vastly improved the overall dexterity of their offense, added youth, athleticism and expanded their rotation. With a designated sixth man in Jason Terry, a healthy Avery Bradley andJeff Green, a solid 2 way guard in Courtney Lee and two low risk high reward big man draft picks in Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo, The Celtics on paper, are legitimate title contenders.

Diego Quezada: If the Miami Heat are fully healthy, the Boston Celtics don’t pose a legitimate threat to the Heat. Chris Bosh was out for much of the series, and Dwyane Wade was at 75 percent then. That’s two of Miami’s top three players, much more valuable than what Avery Bradley could’ve give Boston. And I’m not enamored with Boston’s moves. Fab Melo likely won’t play in a playoff series as a rookie, and Courtney Lee won’t play either if Bradley and Jason Terry are healthy. Rajon Rondo will always cause problems for Miami, but Kevin Garnett won’t be able to roam defensively as much as he did in the 2012 conference finals if Bosh is healthy. The Celtics and Heat will probably be in some dogfights should they meet in the playoffs, but Miami should come out on top.

Hot Hot Hoops

Diego Quezada is right about one thing, the absence of Chris Bosh was a big factor in the series. But if he wants to drop Dwyane Wade into the injury excuse pool, he should mention Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

What rubs me raw about his an analysis is the inclusion of Fab Melo. Even most green-teamers agree that Fab will not  be much of a factor this season. But to omit the potential contributions of Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger is absurd.

To be fair, two other Hot Hot Hoops bloggers also considered the Celtics a threat. Diego is the lone wolf.

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  • paul

    Pierce at 75% and Bradley out, which meant at least as much to us as Bosh did to the Heat…

  • Frank

    Yeah Bosh wasn’t there the first couple of games, but he eventually came back. Jeff Green never did. We literally had NO BENCH. Ryan Hollins and Stiemsma were our 6th and seventh men. Now we have Green, Sullinger, Terry, and Courtney Lee. We’re set. I also forgot about a reserve turned starter in Avery Bradley that never came back too. We’re stack, but people outside of the fanbase don’t realize it. Watch out!

  • Scotsman

    LOL@ this Diego clown. Avery Bradley, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce were all hurt which is FAR MORE significant than Chris Bosh. And Avery Bradley would have been able to put the clamps on Wade (unless the refs got in the way) so his absence was HUGE. Funny how Heat “fans” still neglect to mention the FACT that the series should have been over in 5 games if not for the criminally bad officiating that handed Miami the series.

  • Ray- surgery
    Pietrus- surgery
    Bradley-out- surgeries
    Pierce- sprained mcl
    Stiemsma- bad foot- no blocks !
    And Miami wants to talk injuries ?

  • Cam

    Kg can roam defensively. Hopefully Bosh just wont hit more threes in any game he’s ever played in the last 10 years again.

    I actually could see Melo get some Stiemsma type burn nothing crazy impactful though.

    Really dismissing our pick ups though.

  • Larry Legend

    Ridiculous post by Diego what’s his face. You give me healthy pierce, ray, and Bradley and that series probably ends in Boston in 6. Did people even watch that series? Garbage like that makes look forward to this upcoming season all thd more. Look Lebron is truly great. Heat will always have a chance with him. But Dwade on downside. Doesn’t scare me. I literally can’t wait to see lee and Bradley get in his ass in a seven game series. D wade wants none of thati promise. Neither does ray. KG and Bosh the matchup celts gotta win. Then pierce/Terry gotta score to keep pace with lebron. Cannot freakin wait!!!

  • Larry Legend

    And add 6’9″ jeff green to the mix as well!! I mean cmon…and most importantly my favorite Celtic Doc Rivers. I’ll take that team and play Miami anywhere and anytime.

  • Chris

    Frankly, anyone who doesn’t recognise Green, Wilcox and Sullinger as a massive upgrade over injured Pietrus, injured Stiemsma and Hollins doesn’t know anything. Still, it really irks me that anyone is talking about Melo as a let down because he wont be a contributor this season. He’s an obvious project who many teams would have taken the risk on.

    Also, obviously missing one of your three all-stars is a bigger deal when the rest of your team is made up of bench shooters and end-of-the-bench guys.

  • zippittyay

    Team health is going to mean everything to us. Doc, spread the minutes, PLEASE….. I don’t care if we enter the playoffs as an 8th seed if we have a healthy team.

  • Reggie35RIP

    “…Courtney Lee won’t play either if Bradley and Jason Terry are healthy.”.

    He will definitely be in the rotation in the Playoffs.

    So much for objective journalism, this guy’s as one eyed as they come. Purposefully omitted a bunch of facts to support his argument. Douche.

    Ask LeBron or Wade if they consider Boston to be a legitimate threat.

  • James F

    That’s typical of a Heat blogger to be dismissve of another potential contender. Miami wins a championship in the Lebron era and suddenly they’re made of Teflon. Whatever!

    I find interesting that Diego ignores the Celtics injurires of Allen, Pirece, Bradley, Green, Wilcox, JO, but mentions Miami’s injures. In case Celtics or Heat fans didn’t know, Bosh is not and never will be in same elite class as Garnett, Pirece or Allen.

    Don’t forget…Miami won games 1 and 2 without Bosh, and lost game 5 with Bosh playing. But you’ll never hear that argument. During the regular season the Celtics easily won the season series 3-1 with Miami healthy, sooo? The Celtics, a year older and
    with a depleted bench were able to push Miami 7

    When you’re threatend by your rival u down play and that is what this Diego character did. He’s one guy with his own opinion.

  • Collinz

    Two season ago the Miami Heat were labeled choke artists, failures and fair-weather. So they win a title in 2012, suddenly they’re a dynasty possibly in the making and no one can beat them. How quickly the tone changes.

  • Collinz

    But this is what makes me laugh about Heat bloggers and their fans. They seem to have short term memory loss when it’s regarding their team. So this Diego uses health as an excuse in the favor of discussing Miami’s post-season run, but choose to ignore Boston’s many injuries. Hmmm?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but during the regular season when Miami was healthy didn’t the Celtics win the season series 3-1? Just saying if this Diego wants to get technical. lol

  • Cal

    If the refs decide to keep throwing the series to the Heat then he is right we don’t stand a chance- if they call the games fairly rather than crooked Sternball then they don’t stand a chance.

  • Eric

    That guys a jack ass. He obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about. A diminished Celtics team brought The Heat, Minus Bosh, to 7 games. Bosh isn’t even that good. He’s acting like he’s up there with Lebron. Can’t wait for the season to start.