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Your Morning Dump… Where James Dolan is the biggest idiot in the world

Isiah Thomas and James Dolan

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

According to a source close to the former Knicks president, Thomas and Garden chairman James Dolan have had numerous discussions about a position in the organization, but Thomas has been reluctant to accept the job offer.

“Isiah is very close with Jim Dolan but he’s told me that he’s not ready to jump back into the NBA just yet,” said the source, who was with Thomas on Friday at the Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Springfield, Mass. “There’s this perception out there that Isiah is desperate to get back, but that’s false. I think it will eventually happen but just not now.”

NY Daily News 

Where do you start with the Knicks and James Dolan’s obsession with Isiah “Human Napalm” Thomas?

I suppose we here should thank him for (a) the comic relief and (b) ensuring that his involvement will prevent any ascension by the Knicks into a serious threat to the Celtics.

I could go on and on… but at this point, I’d be beating a dead horse.  The entire world is aware that Isiah Thomas’ involvement with the Knicks turned the team into a laughingstock.  They made horrible financial decisions that were only recently rectified by Donnie Walsh (who left, allegedly, in part due to the continued meddling by Thomas via Dolan).  Zeke embarrassed the franchise with his decisions and his behavior.

Most teams would put pictures of this guy around the building with instructions for security to taser on-sight.  Knicks fans damn near threw a parade celebrating the end of the Zeke era… yet James Dolan CONTINUES to dip into that well.

Personally, I love it.  I’m happy to sit back and watch the Knicks make the same comical mistakes over and over again.  The Atlantic division has gotten tougher, so the more of our competition that falls prey to bad ownership decisions the better.

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  • RedsLoveChild

    Only poor people who screw up are considered “idiots”.

    Being the most brain-dead member of the “Lucky Sperm Club”…Dolan is simply viewed as “eccentric”.

    • Nope, ridh people can be stupid too. You’ve got it wrong. poor people are considered crazy while rich people are considered “eccentric”

      • RedsLoveChild

        You might be right.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I REALLY hope the Knicks and Zeke get back together……maybe resign Starbury and throw 75 mil at Gilbert Arenas……you know, the kind of sound, under the radar moves Zeke is known for. Maybe even Jerrod Jeffries is available for the full mid-level….This needs to happen.

  • Joe

    The Knicks are dysfunctional. Send Ainge, Presti, Ferry or Reily to fix things at MSG. lol