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GreenLight Madness: Sweet Sixteen – Seed #2 vs Seed #18

The sweet sixteen continues on this NFL Sunday, but we can always use a little NBA/Celtics action right?  Paul Pierce’s clutch three pointer vs Miami squares off against a very popular Rondo-to-KG alley-oop vs Philly.  KG announces that he is a “problem” out there on the floor, but will that play be a problem for The Truth?  Vote below to decide.

#2 Seed: Paul Pierce’s Cold-Blooded Three: The Celtics dropped the first two games in Miami during the Eastern Conference Finals, the first was a relatively routine type of loss while the second was a killer.  Down 0-2, they rallied to take both games at home setting up a pivotal Game 5 in Miami.  The game was close throughout and clinging to a mere one-point lead as the clocked ticked under one-minute left in the game, Paul Pierce did what he has done so many times in his career: defined hero ball by taking a risky three-pointer with LeBron James right on him, with the game and likely season in the balance.  Pierce drills it, silencing the Miami crowd and igniting dreams of third trip to the NBA Finals as well as eliminating LeBron again in the playoffs.  Alas, it didn’t happen as LeBron’s epic Game 6 performance at the Garden, and fourth quarter take over in Game 7 dashed those dreams.  But for one moment, this moment, Paul Pierce sent Celtics fans into a frenzy and made us all believe that they were heading back to The Finals.  Hero ball, meaning shots like these, are routinely criticized, but you have to admit: they’re exciting as hell when they go in.



Seed #18: Rondo to KG “I’m a Problem” Alley-oop (Game 2 ECSF vs PHI) – The Celtics were looking to take a 2-0 series lead at home but were down by two with just over three minutes remaining.  In what was an otherwise ugly game, this was one of the prettier plays.  Rondo and KG execute a beautiful alley-oop, then KG tells Chris Webber (who is doing color for TNT) that “I’m a fu***** problem out here!”


Pierce’s Cold Blooded Three or KG’s “Problem” Alley-oop?



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  • James

    Pierce’s 3, would of been much better had the Celtics actually showed up for game 6 of the ECF and won. Therefore I have to go with KG’s dunk, but the Celtics lost that game too. lol